SAP Promotes Business Empathy at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016

“Empathy” was the word of the hour during SAP CEO Bill McDermott’s opening keynote presentation at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016. The word was spoken so often, the SAPPHIRE NOW followers on Twitter threatened to create a drinking game about it. But McDermott is known to express big ideas through small words during his SAPPHIRE NOW speeches. In 2015, the word was “simple.” That encompasses SAP’s drive to make business technology easier to use by everyone, which they’ve accomplished through ERP integration and a strong community of support and education all over the world. SAP still aims to help growing enterprises “Run Simple,” but now they hope to make “empathy” a much bigger part of business than ever before.

The concept of empathy is loaded with meaning. To be empathetic is to “understand and share the feelings of” another person. Empathy is sharing such a deep connection with someone that you know them, respect them, and relate to them. It can be difficult enough for one person to have empathy for another. How can a business hope to develop empathy for every single one of its customers?

CRM Software is Critical for Improved Customer Engagement

SAP is not the only major company to push the idea of empathy in the past few years. In fact, just about every leading business software developer agrees that growing enterprises in any industry must focus on the customer first and foremost. Many businesses augment their customer service capabilities through customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows them to maintain real-time records of their consumers. The SAP Business One CRM module includes powerful business data analytics that can turn customer data into indispensable insights, allowing businesses to home in on what their clients want from the company.

In his SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 keynote, McDermott expressed that simply knowing the customer is no longer sufficient. Technology now connects people all over the world. Instead of settling for traditional business transactions, consumers can now seek out the most human experiences available. To stay connected with these consumers, growing businesses must develop empathy.

Although empathy at its core is a trait a person must develop on their own, there are actually simple ways to boost your business with this key human emotion. Implementing integrated CRM software is an excellent place to start, as it affords enterprises the complex information they need to begin to understand their customers. Businesses should then further the capabilities of their CRM systems through advanced business technology solutions like mobility and predictive analytics. McDermott suggested automating business processes with ERP to give employees more time to focus on more important work, like strengthening their sense of understanding with individual customers. Today’s cutting-edge business technology may not have any human empathy of its own, but it does lay the foundation for enterprise members to take customer relations to the next level. Integrated ERP can create an empathetic business ecosystem by completely re-centering an enterprise on its customers.

SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 promises many more fantastic insights and ideas from the world’s greatest technological innovators. Catch the livestream of the event online May 17-19.

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