Today’s Best ERP Software May Not Be the Best System for Your Enterprise

So many of today’s business leaders are pushing the envelope when it comes to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. They encourage businesses of any size to adopt the best ERP software solution. After all, the business management technology of today has far surpassed software that might not even be a decade old. In order for an enterprise to grow, succeed, survive, and thrive, it must utilize the top tech of the times. If your company neglects to update ERP over time, it doesn’t stand against the competition who have already implemented today’s latest and greatest software systems.

However, the push for “the best ERP software” should not drive owners of small and midsized business (SMBs) to purchase the most expensive, overly functional ERP software on the market. SMBs generally don’t earn enough annually to make room in the budget for the same software systems utilized by the biggest companies in the world today. Beyond the high price, however, these “best of the best” ERP solutions are probably the entirely wrong choice for a smaller enterprise altogether. They might come fully equipped with the most powerful business applications the world has seen, but that doesn’t mean those applications can adequately handle the daily operations of a small/medium-sized enterprise.

Finding the Right ERP Solution for SMBs

You might be wondering: if the best ERP software in the world is not right for my company, then what ERP software could possibly stand up to the task? When big business leaders say you need the “best ERP software,” what they really mean is that your enterprise must adopt the fastest, most powerful system designed specifically for businesses your size, within your own industry. Only an ERP software built for small businesses can stand up to the challenges faced every day by SMBs. Only a small business ERP system can be affordably purchased and installed, as well as mastered by SMB owners and employees.

For countless small and medium-sized businesses all over the world, SAP Business One is the best ERP software available. This outstanding integrated ERP solution features applications for comprehensive management of every area of an enterprise, from accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) to the warehouse, and beyond. The SAP B1 software includes powerful real-time business analytics for essential insights into the company, its customers, and the markets within its reach. These insights allow significantly faster and smarter decision making and strategic business planning, so your enterprise can easily outperform its competition and grow like never before.

The experienced SAP Business One consultants at Cornerstone Consulting are passionate about helping growing enterprises in the industries of wholesale distribution, retail, and manufacturing adopt the best ERP software available for their organization. Cornerstone specializes in business optimization through adeptly customized and integrated SAP B1 solutions, designed to suit the unique needs and goals of your company. Connect with Cornerstone today to learn more about this top-rated ERP solution, the fastest-selling business software system all over the world right now.