Business Insights and Tech Tips June 2016

Business and Technology News Roundup for June 2016

SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 Highlights: Customer Empathy and Running Live

The 28th annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference took place May 17-19 in Orlando, Florida, showcasing cutting edge new ideas, strategies, and technologies from SAP and partners. CEO Bill McDermott kicked off the event with a keynote focused on two major concepts: adding empathy into everyday business, and “running live.” Nearly every presentation during SAPPHIRE NOW, featuring speakers from Nestle, IBM, Cirque du Soleil, and of course SAP, emphasized putting the customer first before any other enterprise matter. “Everything has to start and end with empathy for the end user and the experience they are getting from your company,” said McDermott during his keynote. SAP has a long history of going above and beyond for their customers and enabling growing businesses all over the world to do the same with advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) and integrated customer relationship management (CRM) software. To further improve these technologies, SAP unveiled their new “Live Business” mission. A business that can “run live” with SAP’s cutting edge ERP software is faster, more efficient, more productive, and capable of providing outstanding customer service in real-time. SAP will continue to build on their existing business software platforms, including SAP Business One and SAP S/4HANA, to ensure growing enterprises can stay competitive and successful well into the future.


SAP Unveils SAP Digital Consumer Insight, New Data Offering To Understand Customers Right Now

SAP announced their new data service, SAP Digital Consumer Insight, at 2016’s SAPPHIRE NOW. This offering is SAP’s very first data service designed to provide businesses with tremendous insights into consumers in specific locations. SAP Digital Consumer Insight will utilize today’s most powerful in-memory, cloud, and analytic technology to generate nearly real-time data on consumer demographics, including age, gender, and geography, compared with other real world locations. Users of this service will be able to purchase access to data files on locations in the United States, or anywhere in the world where SAP Store is available. With the information gathered by SAP Digital Consumer Insight, businesses will be able to easily improve their marketing and sales strategies, customizing experiences for specific customers and groups for much better customer relationship management (CRM). “SAP Digital Consumer Insight allows businesses of every size to benefit from knowing more about consumers at a given location,” said CDO and head of SAP Digital. “The insights will allow them to improve their products and services, run better marketing campaigns, scout locations for expansion and even learn more about competitors.”


 Here’s Who Is Coming to Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2016

At the end of May, Fortune began announcing the line-up of speakers for 2016’s Brainstorm Tech conference, set for July 11-13 in Aspen, Colorado. Brainstorm Tech is Fortune’s “annual gathering of the tech world”s most influential executives, investors, and thinkers.” This year, the summit will focus on the digital transformation across all parts of society, from transportation to business to social media. Planned participants include General Motors president Dan Ammann, Lyft co-founder John Zimmer, Dropbox CEO/COO Dennis Woodside, Google Ventures CEO Bill Maris, and many, many more. Follow the link below to check out the full list of names, and to stay tuned as Fortune continues to announce Brainstorm Tech speakers and events.


Twitter to Increase Character Limit on Tweets

Twitter has long been a highly-effective social media tool for businesses looking to improve customer service and market directly to consumers in a unique and engaging way. Since the beginning, Twitter has imposed a 140 character limit on tweets, requiring marketers to share their messages as concisely as possible. Any username mentions and media attachments factored into the character limit, which meant that users had to pick and choose what parts of their tweet would actually get posted, potentially cutting out important pieces of the overall message. Soon, however, Twitter plans to ease up on the character limit by no longer counting attachments against the character count. This change will hopefully give marketers more room to engage with consumers, as well as simplify the somewhat confusing “Tweet language” that has developed over the years as a result of the short and fast medium.


Bringing Wearables to the Point-of-Sale Frontline

There are countless applications for wearable tech in the workplace that have yet to be fully implemented by growing enterprises. Jeremy Feldman, CEO of LibriSpark, envisions retailers utilizing wearables as ultra-portable point-of-sale systems for cashiers and merchants. In May’s edition of the Developer Tracker, Feldman writes that it’s easy to picture the consumer using their smartwatches as a method of payment. Many retailers have already implemented this exact service for customers, as well as utilize mobile devices like the iPad or Square to accept payments on-the-go. The next logical step is for the merchant itself to have the same wearable technology on the other side of the transaction. Feldman says that this solution will improve retailer efficiency, as a wearable POS device could accept a large number of payment methods and significantly speed up the transaction process for everyone involved. The wearable POS is currently just a great idea, but it seems likely that development of this technology will begin in the near future.


About Top VAR and SAP Gold Partner, Cornerstone Consulting, Inc.

Based in Tampa, FL, Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. is a business consulting and information technology (IT) company. Not only is Cornerstone an award-winning value added reseller (VAR) of extremely efficient and integrated business (accounting, customer and sales management (CRM), inventory tracking-control-management, warehouse management, materials requirement planning (MRP), light manufacturing, accurate real-time analytical reports, and more) software systems, our highly-skilled team specializes in cutting-edge solutions and tech support for:

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Cornerstone provides software products, tech services and business process outsourcing which support all areas of a small or medium sized business, such as: financial accounting, operations, customer relationship management, sales, inventory control-tracking-management, warehouse management, e-commerce, and more. Cornerstone’s “dream team” of programmers, trainers and consultants specialize in providing our Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Medical Device, and Online Retail clients with optimal business process configuration, integration and automation.

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