Gain Incredible Enterprise Insights with Big Data Analytics Software

No matter what goal you want to achieve, you need the right tools to get the job done. When your small or mid-sized business (SMB) needs to start utilizing the vast amount of data and information floating around the marketplace, you mus first implement a powerful data analytics software that can turn all of that data into indispensable insights.

What is Big Data? So many business leaders are talking about it. Essentially, Big Data comprises massive, complex sets of information that can only be managed by high-performance analytics software. Experts will tell you that effective use of Big Data is critical for growing enterprises who want to expand their reach to new regions and improve their customer’s experience. Business owners can learn so much about consumers, trends, demographics, etc., from Big Data, which might already exist within their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software database.

In-Memory Database Software Can Handle Big Data with Ease

If you’ve been utilizing your ERP’s customer relationship management (CRM) application to track customer purchases, you can unpack that data to learn so much more about your consumer base. The right data analytics software could scour a customer’s purchase history to identify their interests and needs, and even predict what kinds of products they might want to buy in the future. You can then use that info to expand your inventory with those items, and create special promotions specifically for that customer so you can easily offer them the best deal on the product when they are ready to buy it.

Big Data can boost business in a major way, but only if your enterprise is equipped with the right data analytics software. Because Big Data is so vast, it takes a powerful database software to efficiently manage all of the information, as well as draw the best insights from the data. Basic relational database management systems (RDBMS) generally lack the computing power and storage space needed to truly keep Big Data in one place. Growing enterprises would better benefit from an in-memory RDBMS, such as the SAP HANA platform, which utilizes the main memory of your computer network instead of relying on external disks for storage.

In-memory databases have shown to run much faster and more efficiently than the disk option, generally reaching real-time analytical speed regardless of how much data is stored on the system. In-memory RDBMS are incredibly navigable, allowing business owners to locate and utilize info at the speed of thought. When you can quickly and easily access business data and analyze it in real-time, you can vastly improve your decision making and strategic business planning capabilities. You can also put that information to use all over the organization, from accounting and customer service to the warehouse, and ultimately speed up enterprise-wide processes like never before.

Find Your Ultimate ERP Software and Data Analytics Solution Today

Your business can benefit so much from efficient use of Big Data and the insights it can provide. To guarantee that you can make the most of Big Data, you need an outstanding ERP solution with integrated real-time data analytics software.

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