Data is Changing the Digital Marketplace

The vast majority of the world is connected to the internet right now. Consumers across the globe are constantly online, providing tons of indispensable data to enterprises simply by using their connected devices. The surging amount of consumer data generated every hour has already significantly impacted businesses in industries with a major focus on customer service (retail, wholesale distribution, professional services, etc.). To further boost data creation, many enterprises provide a variety of shopping experiences to their customers, such as mobile e-commerce apps in addition to traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

As more and more companies create digital shopping experiences, they contribute to a rapidly changing marketplace. In the past, consumers were not able to simply shop for their favorite products using their smartphones or computers. As a result, they had to visit a store in person to purchase products, and they had no choice but to accept whatever price that store had set. Now, with countless businesses running online, consumers can easily jump from store to store seeking the best deal and the best service. Consumers are now empowered to demand better prices and more products from retailers and distributors, who have no choice but to comply if they hope to outperform their competitors.

SAP Business One ERP helps Growing Businesses Manage E-Commerce and Data

How do small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) successfully manage the massive increases in consumer and product data, on top of the growing physical inventory in their warehouses? Many successful SMEs tackle this challenge with ease thanks to integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with real-time analytics tools and comprehensive applications for every area of business.

AP Business One is one of the fastest-selling integrated ERP systems designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses available on the market today. Countless growing enterprises choose this fantastic ERP solution for its many high-performance business management software modules, real-time analytics capabilities, and its affordable price. SAP Business One is incredibly flexible, mobile, and scalable, ensuring that your enterprise has plenty of room to grow.  With high-performance applications for accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and inventory and warehouse management, SAP B1 maintains efficient processes and unified enterprise-wide data on the same easy-to-use platform.

The data integration and e-commerce capabilities of SAP Business One make this ERP software a natural choice for growing retailers and distributors who need to expand digitally, as well as go head to head with their competitors. SAP B1 helps business owners easily manage expansive inventories, share data from all areas of the enterprise for better communications and faster task completion, and improve customer service and experience far beyond what was ever possible in the past with slow and disconnected ERP systems.

Cornerstone Consulting Provides Top Notch SAP Business One Software and Services

To learn more about this amazing integrated ERP solution, connect with Cornerstone today. We are an award-winning value-added reseller (VAR) of SAP Business One have been providing growing businesses in Florida with top-notch ERP software, integration, and implementation services for more than thirty years. Cornerstone also offers an e-commerce add-on for SAP Business One that provides SMEs with the tools they need to confidently enter the digital marketplace. Call now for a rapid response from our dedicated, experienced, and passionate SAP Business One consultants.