Is It Time to Upgrade Your ERP Solution?

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to upgrade your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. For one thing, technology is always advancing. The software you started with years ago is definitely not the most cutting edge system available anymore. You might be missing out on amazing new capabilities and tools that simply did not exist in the last few years. Your competition has already adopted a powerful new ERP system with all the latest and greatest applications. If you don’t upgrade your ERP soon, your business runs the risk of rapidly falling behind and even slowing to a complete stop very quickly.

Of course, switching to a new ERP can be a pretty complicated process. You have to research the latest systems and understand the capabilities of each one before settling on the best software for your business. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when dealing with new software, especially when it’s going to serve as the main engine of your entire enterprise. You may be tempted to stick with the ERP system you already have, since it’s worked for you so far. Before you settle on your old ERP software, you should ask yourself a few simple but critical questions.

Six Important Questions to Ask About Your Current ERP System

1. Does your current ERP system maintain all essential business data in one unified location for easy access and accurate analytics?

2. Does your current ERP system include applications for every area of business, from accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) to inventory management and material requirements planning (MRP)?

3. Does your current ERP system deliver real-time insights into enterprise performance, customer and marketplace data, finances, and inventory status?

4. Does your current ERP system process transactions and orders fast enough to foster efficient enterprise operations across the board?

5. Does your current ERP system offer cloud or mobility solutions so your employees can be more productive and pursue more sales opportunities on-the-go?

6. Is your current ERP system easy for new employees to quickly learn and effectively utilize throughout the workday?

If you haven’t upgraded your ERP software in a long time, it’s highly likely that the answer to all of these questions is NO. If your competitors have already moved to a newer, more powerful system, however, they do have these six advantages over your business.

If you want to stay in the game for as long as possible, you must adapt to changes in business technology as they happen. Fortunately, today there are powerful ERP software systems designed and priced for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) that need to upgrade their tech ASAP.

There are also dedicated providers of ERP software and passionate ERP consultants and implementation experts who can help create, configure, and install the ideal ERP solution to suit the unique needs of your enterprise. With these amazing resources, it’s remarkably easy to upgrade ERP and get your business on the right track for success in a very short period of time.

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