A True OMNICHANNEL Content Delivery System for EVERY Company or


The inventor of this concept was none other than the man who invented the Magnetic Strip on the back of your Credit Card, Ron Klein. Ron didn’t invent the Credit Card, he just made it better! And now with his latest invention, ELI Technology, Ron isn’t inventing the QR Codes, he is just making them better!

By utilizing an ELI Technology code a company can use every bit of marketing material they have ever developed and paid for to present their message to their consumer at the very time the consumer is interested, and take that consumer directly to where they need to go!

To embrace this technology, Cornerstone has formed a new division called Cornerstone For Natural focused on the Natural Products and Nutraceutical Markets. But it does not stop there. Cornerstone is working with Real Estate Brokers, Magazine Publishers, Advertising Agencies and a wide variety
of other firms to provide a new and unique marketing approach.

ELI makes Marketing Come ALIVE!