Growing Businesses Are Challenged by Growing Data

In a way, the earliest days of starting a business were also the simplest. Of course, it’s not easy to get a small or mid-sized business (SMB) off the ground, and it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and time to get on the right track for success. But your enterprise was much, much smaller back then. It had fewer customers, fewer products, and a lot less data to manage. You were probably right in the middle of the action at all times. You had instant access to whatever information you needed. It was no problem to bring together the members of each department for quick status updates and planning meetings.

Now that your SMB has grown, however, you’ve probably discovered that it’s a lot harder to keep track of data. To take on new customers, you’ve expanded your inventory to offer maybe even hundreds of different items. That’s a lot of unique information that must be organized and updated every single day. You’ve probably also had to hire a lot more people to accommodate all the new business opportunities. Though they all work in different departments, each employee needs easy access to all the data stored throughout the enterprise. Your company might start looking less like a business and more like a tangled-up spider web of data.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to consolidate enterprise-wide information on one simple system for easy access by every member of the organization. Many SMB owners turn to integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to unify the company on the same platform. The right integrated ERP solution provides powerful applications for every area of business, from accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) to inventory and warehouse management. It acts as one central system for comprehensive business management, streamlining all processes and data for maximum business efficiency.

Integrated ERP Software is a Fantastic Data Solution for SMBs

Integrated ERP offers a ton of benefits and advantages to growing enterprises. For one thing, you only pay for a single system and gain fully functional software for every department within the organization. It costs far less money and time to implement and configure one system than it does many different systems. A single software installation also ensures that your enterprise can go online much faster, rather than wait days or even weeks for each individual business application to finish installing.

When all of your business apps and data are stored in one place, it’s a lot easier to utilize them in a timely manner. Each area of the enterprise will have complete, secure access to information, no matter which department is in charge of it. That means that your accountants can efficiently use inventory and sales data to create budgets and pay bills. Your CRM representatives can easily answer customer questions about product availability. Your warehouse workers can receive and fulfill orders faster than ever before, speeding up deliveries and vastly improving customer satisfaction. The entire business can run faster and better when its data is integrated on a single, centralized system.

SMBs Choose SAP Business One for Top Notch ERP and Data Management

Small and mid-sized businesses all over the world choose SAP Business One as their main integrated ERP system. With powerful applications for accounting, CRM, inventory management, and data analytics, SAP Business One has become one of the fastest-selling integrated ERP solutions available today. Best of all, the SAP Business One ERP system is developed, designed, and priced specifically for small business. It offers outstanding functionality and speed without compromising a small business budget.

To discover what your growing business can accomplish when powered by SAP Business One, connect with Cornerstone Consulting right now. Our dedicated ERP consultants are standing by to answer all of your SAP B1 questions.