Accelerate New Revenue Opportunities With E-Commerce Software for Your Medical Practice or Spa

Medical Offices and Spas Out-perform Online Competition With SEO E-Commerce Websites


In business, some perceive managing the rapid pace of technological change as a difficult challenge. On the other hand, those who embrace technological change as opportunities for business enhancements can reap many benefits. For example, the Internet has substantially changed business processes in countless ways. In this day and age, a dermatologist without a basic search engine optimization (SEO) website may not be able to out-perform those with sites online. To stay ahead of the curve, tech savvy medical professionals and spa owners are implementing basic search engine optimization websites while also leveraging features such as a blog, content management system, social media networking and electronic commerce (e-commerce) to their competitive advantage. 

In addition, many medical professionals and spa owners are utilizing a completely unified e-Business system, such as Comgine e-Commerce integrated with SAP Business One software, to streamline and simplify the business processes. Through the use of a highly automated e-Business software system which includes accounting, customer relationship management and inventory management software integrated with an e-commerce website which contains a built-in blog, content management system, search engine optimization and social media networking platform, businesses can reach new customers, attain more patients, as well as accelerate the sales of skin, hair and nail care products and services.

Well informed and perceptive medical professionals and spa owners who choose to implement business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce websites can open up new sales opportunities within numerous regional, national and international markets. The Comgine e-Commerce system can be integrated with financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), material requirements planning (MRP) and inventory management software. By design, Comgine’s web store and shopping cart streamlines online order processing as well as makes operations extremely efficient. The medical professionals and spa owners who seize the opportunity to expand their existing enterprise-wide technological capabilities and effectively strive for greater visibility within the global Internet marketplace can simplify business processes, attract new customers, expedite additional sales opportunities and out-perform their online competition.

As new software and technological advancements have made a completely unified system of a search engine optimization website (which includes a built-in blog, content management system, search engine optimization and social media platform), and an e-commerce site (which can be integrated with business management software) affordable, business leaders continue to implement e-Business solutions. Regrettably, many medical professionals and spa owners do not realize that for the cost of installing an e-Business system such as Comgine e-Commerce and SAP Business One for their practice, they could afford to implement an e-business software system which can not only help open up new online markets, it can dramatically improve business processes. Further, many medical professionals and spa owners are not aware of how much additional annual revenue can be generated through the use of Comgine e-Commerce, a completely unified search engine optimized e-commerce website integrated with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system such as SAP Business One.

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