Cornerstone Attends the Natural Products Expo West 2011 Trade Show

Cornerstone Consulting Inc. Announces Their Participation in the Natural Products Expo West 2011 Trade Show

Cornerstone Consulting, Inc., application integration specialists, web development company and top value added reseller (VAR) of SAP Business One, Sage Pro ERP Software, and Comgine e-Commerce, announced today their participation at the Natural Products Expo West 2011 Trade Show in Anaheim, CA. The company will be educating company leaders about an all-in-one business management software solution, Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of the Natural/Organic/Healthy Products Industry. As a result of Cornerstone’s success in providing efficient business management software solutions to manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers of natural/organic healthy products, company representatives will enlighten exhibitors about how the e-Business system, Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is a superior all-in-one business management software solution. Cornerstone’s representatives will also educate business leaders concerning how they can dramatically increase the overall productivity of their natural/organic/healthy products enterprises through the use of a completely integrated e-Business software system such as Comgine e-Commerce and SAP Business One.

Tampa, FL, March 10, 2011 ““ Cornerstone Consulting, Inc., a top IT provider, reseller, and consultants for SAP Business One ERP, Sage Pro ERP, Comgine e-Commerce, and web application integration development company, today announced their participation in the Natural Products Expo West 2011 Trade Show. Cornerstone Consulting’s representatives will educate business leaders about the benefits of utilizing integrated software and innovative technology solutions to: eliminate data entry duplication, make well-informed decisions based upon accurate real-time analytics, automate time-consuming manual tasks, streamline as many redundant efforts as possible, save huge amounts of employee’s usable time, and can make entire organizations extremely efficient. In addition, Cornerstone’s representatives will describe how the all-in-one e-Business solution, Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One, provides company leaders of manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail, and natural/organic/healthy products enterprises with the opportunity to experience the “next generation” of software and technology business management solutions now.

Cornerstone’s representatives are looking forward to showing executives of small to mid-sized natural/organic/healthy products enterprises how utilizing the Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One ERP software system can: provide instant, real-time, accurate analytics; improve the productivity of all departments within a business; streamline time-consuming processes; automate numerous manual tasks; dramatically reduce overhead costs and simplify operations. Business leaders will learn how Comgine e-Commerce facilitates real-time processing of web orders all the way to the General Ledger, instantly viewable online transactions status information, instantaneous viewing of product sales as they relate to enterprise-wide data, real-time inventory control-tracking-management, user-friendly dashboards, immediate alerts concerning any deviation in company data, and much more. Additionally, business leaders can also be educated about the benefits of implementing SAP Business One’s completely integrated accounting, customer relationship management, inventory management, and material requirements planning (MRP) software solution. With the SAP Business One ERP, users can easily maintain: accurate sales forecasting, appropriate inventory levels, a lean business operation, sufficient company resources, customer loyalty and substantially increased revenue generation.

Businesses currently using an integrated e-commerce, accounting, customer relationship management, material requirements planning, and inventory control-tracking-management system reduce transaction costs, streamline the online ordering processes and generate additional profits from their online store sales. The reason is that pertinent information is processed all the way through the accounting, customer relationship management and inventory management software, without any duplication of data entry. An integrated enterprise resource planning application unified with e-Commerce software is efficient because: when a customer purchases product via the e-commerce website all of the online transaction data immediately goes directly into SAP Business One as either a sales quotation, sales order, or invoice; if the system is set up to automatically process the invoice it can fulfill the order from stock (and if necessary create replacement inventory orders from vendors as a payable also is created); create the picking/packing ticket; ship the product; apply the web payment to the invoice; and, automatically email the paid invoice and tracking information to the customer. Accordingly, a unified and streamlined ERP and e-Business system, such as Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One, saves time and permits easy maintenance of accurate, up-to-the-minute product, customer and vendor/supplier data.

The representatives of Cornerstone Consulting enjoy educating enterprise leaders concerning the benefits of utilizing a completely integrated accounting, CRM, inventory management, MRP and e-Commerce software system such as Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One ERP. The Comgine brand stands for outstanding e-commerce software innovation, integration capabilities and unsurpassed web store quality. Cornerstone Consulting is the premier reseller, implementation and customization specialists of Comgine’s e-Commerce solution for SAP Business One. Comgine’s simple-to-use dashboard interface, in combination with SAP Business One’s integrated accounting, inventory management, CRM and MRP system, offers natural/organic/healthy products companies a valuable tool which can help save time, conserve resources and generate additional revenue from web store sales. David Boos, President of Cornerstone Consulting stated, ” The Natural Products Expo West 2011 Trade Show is one of the largest natural, organic, and healthy products exhibits on the West Coast. I am excited to have Cornerstone staff members enlighten business leaders concerning the benefits of Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One ERP. The all-in-one completely integrated software solution improves business practices, increases enterprise-wide efficiency and facilitates rapid growth.”

In today’s ever-changing global marketplace, competitive small to mid-sized companies require flexible and customizable software programs, such as Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One ERP, which provide the ability to: improve efficiencies by streamlining transactions; automate business processes; connect all departments within a company; help enterprises experience rapid profitable growth; assist employees to make well-informed, faster decisions and remain relevant into the future. The commitment to provide the right software solutions, with customizable “apps” that can meet each client’s exact specifications, earns Cornerstone Consulting yearly recognition as one of Accounting Today’s Business Pacesetters and listed as one of Accounting Technology’s top Software Value Added Resellers (VARs) in the nation.

CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Owners, Presidents, and Sales Directors are encouraged to call Cornerstone Consulting at 813-321-1300 to schedule live online/web demonstrations of Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One ERP to see how this all-in-one e-commerce web store, financial accounting, CRM, inventory control-tracking-management, and MRP software system can substantially improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your natural/organic/healthy products enterprise.

About Cornerstone Consulting, Inc.:
Cornerstone Consulting Inc. is a reseller of Comgine’s integrated e-commerce applications and a leading provider of Sage Pro ERP and SAP Business One ERP business management software solutions to midsized organizations. Founded in 1983, Cornerstone is a privately-owned company that provides a full suite of information technology for numerous small and mid-sized business clients in North America, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and Canada.

Cornerstone provides clients with the ability to make faster business decisions, experience profitable growth and outperform the competition through the use of integrated, unified, streamlined, simple-to-use, scalable and customizable software. Our products and services support accounting, operations, customer relationship management, e-commerce, and the specific needs of the Wholesale Distribution, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical (natural/organic/healthy products), Online Retail, and Manufacturing Industries. Cornerstone’s services include: Custom Programming, EDI, Barcodes and Scanning, e-Commerce, Website Design and Hosting, e-Learning, as well as Custom Web Application Development. Headquartered in Tampa, FL at 5550 West Executive Drive, Suite 240, Cornerstone Consulting can be reached at 813-321-1300.

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