Medical Practices and Spas Generating More Sales Through e-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce Websites Enhance Medical Practices and Spas by Generating More Sales


Having the ability to instantly access and track customer, vendor and item information enables doctors and spa owners to effectively maintain their database, minimize errors and eliminate the potential for data corruption. An integrated e-Business system such as Comgine e-Commerce and SAP Business One enables medical and spa professionals to easily maintain their customer and vendor database. In addition, the Comgine e-Commerce system processes all online sales transactions directly through SAP Business One’s unified accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management business software. As the e-Business system is an “all-in-one” business software solution, it saves medical professionals and spa owners time and conserves office resources.

Due to the unified software design, there is no need for Order Processing and Customer Service Departments to manage your webstore. Your integrated e-commerce website can act as your Salesperson, taking orders 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and always be accessible to customers all over the world. Therefore, integrated e-commerce, accounting and inventory business management system enables sales and revenue growth, without the need for additional staffing, facility, or infrastructure expense. Yet, if an e-commerce system is implemented without integration to accounting and inventory management software, the medical or spa practice will not only lose valuable time, it will also diminish revenue potential.

E-commerce has become a critical tool for the success of medical practices and spas. Over the years the Internet has redefined the way in which business is conducted. It has transformed how products and services are sold and has increased the efficiency of communication between customers, producers, suppliers and intermediaries. In addition, e-commerce has changed how the average consumer perceives a medical practice or spa. The Internet has become a foundation for e-business which can not only help medical professionals attain new patients, and spas attract new clients, it has the potential to double or triple (or more) a practice’s annual revenue.

Web development and e-commerce are the critical elements in maintaining current medical professional branding and creating new consumer interest in skin, hair and nail care products and services. As each day passes, the number of consumers utilizing the Internet to find information concerning medical instruments, skin care creams, hair care products, lotions and more, steadily increases. Thus, it is imperative for medical practices and spas to have an interactive website which provides beneficial resources for existing patients and new customers.

It has been estimated that it takes the average consumer 45 seconds to judge an organization based solely upon the look, feel, and content within a website. As custom programmers, website designers and resellers of integrated software solutions (Comgine e-Commerce, SAP Business One and Sage Software), we understand the importance of designing eye catching search engine optimization (SEO) websites for clients. We also value providing medical professionals and spa owners with an e-commerce system that can process web orders without the need for much human intervention. As this type of automated software system does so much work all by itself, our clients save a tremendous amount of usable employee time.

By having a well designed company website unified with a highly automated system of integrated e-commerce, accounting, CRM and inventory management software, medical professionals and spa owners have more time to focus on their customers and growing the practice. By combining an attractive search engine optimization website with a completely unified e-commerce, accounting, CRM and inventory management software system, our clients benefit from: having a highly effective means of attracting new customers to their webstores; being able to provide skin, hair and nail care products more efficiently to their customers; streamlining their practice’s business processes and generating additional revenue. The user-friendly integrated e-Business websites Cornerstone Consulting implements for clients simplifies web order processing, encourages word-of-mouth marketing, as well as promotes patient and customer loyalty.

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