SAP’s ERP for Small to Mid-sized Businesses – SAP Business One – Automates the Financial Close

SAP ERP Software – SAP Business One – Helps You Close the Books Faster

If you no longer want your company investing a lot of time in closing the books for the quarter or year, now is the time to check out SAP’s ERP for Small to Midsize business, called Business One (also known as SAP B1). To many in business, closing the books is a time-consuming and cumbersome task. Often, many employees are diverted from other tasks to help with the close. As a result, risk can enter your organization. When employees are pressed for time, and have to process many tasks manually, unfortunately errors can easily occur. Such errors lead to future increased costs as well as the possibility for damaging relationships with financial stakeholders. Unlike numerous Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems on the market, SAP Business One software allows companies to automate the close. With SAP Business One, the software not only helps businesses mitigate risk, it also prevents companies from having to disrupt other operations and projects in order to close the books.

SAP ERP Software – SAP Business One – Automates the Financial Close

As Business One automates the financial close, it will save your business time. The software system uses repeatable processes and the data already resident in them to streamline this important accounting task. For small to mid-sized companies, however, automation hasn’t been accessible, because the traditional perception of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions is that the necessary investment is too high. With SAP Business One, this is no longer the case: you can implement the capabilities you need to manage your company effectively and facilitate the financial close.

SAP ERP Software – SAP Business One – Software for Small to Mid-sized Businesses

SAP Business One is designed specifically to meet the needs of companies like yours, delivering on an appropriate scale the features that small to mid-sized businesses can use to compete more effectively. Automated finance and accounting features also reduce the risk of manual error, as hurried employees are no longer in a position to make costly mistakes.

SAP ERP Software – SAP Business One – Mitigates Risk

The stakes are high at every close, and you don’t need unnecessary risk. Use SAP Business One to streamline this operation, and manual errors become much less likely. With this ERP solution, you can protect your budget and your key financial relationships.

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