SAP ERP System – SAP Business One MRP

SAP Busines One – Business Software for More Effective Production and Material
Requirements Planning (MRP)


SAP ERP System – SAP Business One – Bills of Materials (BOMs), Production and MRP

SAP Business One supports all your essential requirements for production activities by enabling you to accurately and adequately manage bills of materials, production orders, and material requirements better than ever before.

SAP ERP System – SAP Business One – Easily Define and Manage BOMs for Production, Assembly and Sales

The application simplifies definition and management of BOMs for production, assembly, and sales. For example, with a production bill of materials, you can easily document the type, quantity, and price of materials necessary to manufacture the final products, as well as quantity availability. Once BOMs have been defined, production orders can be created and released based on them. Component needs, costs, and materials availability are automatically added to your work orders, enforcing accurate allocation of raw materials to products and volume control.

SAP ERP System – SAP Business One – State of the Art Production Automation and Tracking

Production orders allow you to initiate and track the production process and effectively move the materials used in the process through your organization. For example, once a production order is released to the shop floor, SAP Business One can automatically issue transactions for components needed to produce the parts.

SAP ERP System – SAP Business One – Cutting Edge Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

On the other hand, material requirements planning (MRP) functionality in SAP Business One allows you to plan your material requirements and maintain an optimum production plan for complex, multilevel production processes. It replaces informal, ad hoc production scheduling with a more structured process using data from various sources across your business to create an accurate picture of your production and supply chain.
Sources of data include:

  • Bills of materials
  • Inventory data
  • Inputs from scheduled production and purchase orders
  • Demand inputs from actual and forecasted orders

SAP ERP System – SAP Business One – Streamlines Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Using the MRP wizard, you can specify timelines, stocks, and even data sources to be considered in planning. SAP Business One assembles the data and then creates recommendations regarding your material needs. The system presents you with information indicating what you’ll need, how much and when you’ll need it. Once these recommendations are reviewed, the MRP functionality can automatically generate the necessary production and purchase orders to manufacture a final product in the quantity and time specified by the production schedule. In addition, the streamlined MRP system within SAP Business One takes into consideration all requirements for product components.

SAP ERP System – SAP Business One – See the Material Requirements Planning Video

The video demonstration of SAP Business One Material Requirements Planning (MRP) shows how easily you can analyze inventory supply and demand, and receive automated make or buy recommendations. Providing a single, integrated solution that enables you to maintain cost-effective inventory levels, make informed decisions, and quickly respond to customer demands.



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