Think SAP software solutions are ONLY for really large companies?

Do you believe your company is too small for SAP solutions? You’ll be happy to learn SAP has AMAZING business software solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises.

Did you know that seventy-seven percent of SAP customers are small and mid-sized businesses ““ just like yours?

Watch this video to see why nearly 80,000 businesses across 25 industries use SAP solutions to drive results and improve their operations. Learn how using the right tools can help you run your business more effectively.



Did You Know That SAP is The Largest ERP Solution Provider IN THE WORLD?

SAP software touches more than 60 percent of the world’s transactions. SAP takes this responsibility very seriously.

SAP is widely recognized as the Enterprise Resource Planning market leader.

SAP software is used in over 188 countries and has more than:
“¢ 12 million users
“¢ 94,000 installations
“¢ 1,600 partners
“¢ 25 Industry Solutions
“¢ 66,000 employees
“¢ 251,000 customers


Interested in Learning More About SAP Software Solutions for Small and Mid-sized Businesses?

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