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Yes, it’s true that the largest global companies run SAP.  Surprisingly, some people think that SAP Software is ONLY for Fortune 500 (extremely large global) companies.  Did you know that SAP has outstanding software for small and mid-sized businesses too?

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“The secret to profitability on the Internet has finally arrived in an innovative blend of social media, Web mobility, and creative e-commerce applications. The short history of the Internet can be summed up in a few words: “˜Attracting a crowd is relatively easy. Monetizing that crowd?  Not so much.’ Earlier it was (the now nearly forgotten) Netscape and (the barely memorable) Friendster that drew the big audiences. Then, MySpace surged in popularity.

Now this distinction belongs to Facebook and YouTube, with their billions of active visitors. But despite the extraordinary numbers of enthusiasts they can claim, many of today’s Web giants are confronted with the same problem: no clear path to profits”¦ Still, the emergence of vastly popular community-driven sites offers a glimpse into a new business model for smart retailers and consumer goods companies that bygone Internet ventures didn’t offer: an approach we call social apponomics. By enhancing the sheer magnetic power of social media with community-based marketing and tailored applications, social apponomics affords companies a pathway for breaking down the barriers to profitably commercializing online activities, not just for individual transactions but also as part of an ongoing customer relationship (emphasis added).”

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If it is important for you to stay abreast of news in certain categories, this recent notice from Google should be of interest: “Last summer we redesigned Google News with new personalization features that let you tell us which subjects and sources you’d like to see more or less often. Starting today — if you’re logged in — you may also find stories based on articles you’ve clicked on before. 

For signed-in users in the Personalized U.S. Edition, “˜News for You’ will now include stories based on your news-related web history. For example, if you click on a lot of articles about baseball, we’ll make sure that you get a chance to see breaking baseball stories. We found in testing that more users clicked on more stories when we added this automatic personalization, sending more traffic to publishers.”

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Some CEOs believe the use of Social Media may “expose executives and the corporate brand to public criticisms.” In contrast, other CEOs understand the value personalization can have on a company’s brand. Business leaders who have embraced and actively participate in social media activities believe,”Whether you Tweet, Blog, Facebook, YouTube, etc., these communities allow you to be known for the whole of who you are as an individual, not just as a bio on the corporate website.”

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eBay’s PayPal and Google’s Checkout better watch out — Visa wants in on the online mobile payment industry. Visa will issue “virtual wallets” that will work with new smartphones equipped with chips that can talk to some credit-card terminals already in stores. The wallets aim to make checkouts faster at online and real-world stores.

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