Business Software Insights and Technology Tips December 2011


How Valuable Is Local Commerce (Groupon, LivingSocial, ect.)?

A lot of media got excited that e-commerce holiday sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit $6 billion. Consider that local commerce — in person — is a $1 trillion industry. Local commerce is shifting from paper-based (newspaper, yellow pages, direct mail) to digital ways of marketing. Investors are starting to realize that.
See: EccomerceTimes – Local Commerce Value

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Staying On Top of Your Finances With Mobile Apps 

Mobile apps are making it easier than ever to manage accounts, make budgets, reduce debt, and simply stay on top of money issues. “People just really want to keep on top of their finances,” said Ken Sun, a product manager at Intuit. “The Internet generation likes to use technology to do that.”
See: EcommerceTimes – Mobile Apps to Stay Ontop of Finances

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Why It Is Beneficial For Online Sellers to Drop Ship 

From the very informative article linked below authored by an established authority in the field: “The online selling industry has been plagued with crisis due to economic slowdown and perverse market behavior. The emerging market of wholesale drop shippers and online business resources has somehow saved online sellers from total meltdown and closures by providing greater opportunities to grow and compete globally. Online wholesale directories have gained a reputation ever since for their benefits to online marketers. It has helped businessmen find the right partners for their online business. The success of selling products online is defined by the efficiency of its wholesale drop shipper. Why do online sellers drop ship? This is a way for online sellers to lessen their operating costs.”

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Unlimited FREE Cell Phone Calls With Google Voice

“Most cellphone carriers provide a feature allowing you a certain number of contacts that you can call, on any network, for free, anytime. So what happens when you team up this feature with your Google Voice number?…The idea is that if you only use Google Voice to send and receive calls””and you set Google Voice so that it only displays your Google Voice number when it rings, all of your calls will be free, and you may never need to use another minute again.”  The article linked below explains how to take advantage of this Google feature by providing generic instructions as well as step-by-step instructions regarding adapting your Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint cellphone.
See: Lifehacker – Free Unlimited Cell Phone Calls With Google Voice

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Facebook Etiquette for Bosses

“Job hunters receive a lot of advice when it comes to their Facebook profiles, such as not posting racy pictures that would make prospective bosses think twice about hiring them. There is decidedly less information for how bosses should approach their online interaction with employees. ” Here are a few valulable tips for maintaining good Facebook etiquette with your employees.
See: EcomNewz ““ Facebook Etiquette

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