The New Version of SAP Business One

Exciting News About the Next Version of SAP Business One Software

During the recent SAP Field Kick-Off Meeting, the SAP Community of Dealers were reminded of SAP’s commitment to the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) marketplace.  With keynote addresses by the SAP Senior Management, the messages given to the audience concerning the direction of the company was crystal clear.  The overwhelming message from SAP management is to dominate the SME marketplace with their brand and make SAP Business One their flagship product for small and midsized businesses.  SAP’s goal is to continue to provide technologically advanced, state-of-the-art On-premise or On-Cloud based business management solutions to small and midsized enterprises which are easy to use, flexible and affordable.  Additionally, SAP has aggressive plans to continue enhancing the existing features and functions of SAP Business One.  The software will not only a great solution in and of itself, but also a “Platform” from which hundreds of “Add-On” solutions can be attached.   

Due to the multiplicity of government regulations, growing pressure from financial markets and increasing demand from stakeholders, SAP’s first phase of enhancements for SAP Business One will focus on governance, risk and compliance (GRC).  SAP solutions for GRC support an integrated, end-to-end GRC strategy to help small and midsized businesses achieve greater transparency and predictability, streamline GRC processes and improve overall enterprise performance. The next phase will focus on the development of even stronger reporting capabilities and more robust “Real-Time” analytics.  SAP’s goal for the SAP Business One single system of accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory tracking, warehouse management, and material requirements planning (MRP) is to provide a platform which not only instantly provides each user with the data necessary for doing their jobs, but also empowers them to perform tasks more efficiently than any other software product of it’s kind on the market today.

With the next version of SAP Business One, we will see an increased focus on integration with Mobile devices and the “Social” networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and others.  SAP Business One will be the tool of the future for business owners and stakeholders to use for running their entire enterprise within one single platform of tightly integrated business management software.  From the CRM solution for their sales reps, to the sleek dashboards and analytics for senior management, the next version of SAP Business One will provide not only provide users with the tools for achieving greater efficiency, the Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO ) will also be substantially more attractive to business leaders. 

By design, the SAP Business One enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has a tremendous head start on the competition.  Unlike many software systems on the market today, the information management platform of SAP Business One allows users access into the system with any personal computer, mobile device and from locations all over the world.  Further, one of the major benefits to SAP’s focus on the future is the guarantee that the SAP Business One platform will carry the adopters well into the future.  Protecting the investment in an enterprise software system is an important ingredient to business success, and SAP takes this responsibility very seriously.  SAP will continue to be a pioneer and lead the way into the future of business management. 

 With a current “Roadmap” well into 2014, SAP Business One will provide continuous innovation without business disruption.  Considering it’s parent company is focused on one thing – business management software – there is a clear, uncluttered focus on providing the best solutions possible. 


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