Benefits of Having a Blog in Your Website

Having a Blog in Your Website Adds Tremendous Value

Adding a blog to your website design is a powerful tool for boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Did you know Google actually looks for a blog on your website? And you score points if you have one! In addition to the reliable SEO benefits, a blog is a GREAT way to stay in constant touch with your audience. Give them a reason to come back to your site with the frequently changing content of a blog. Here are a few things you should know about what having a blog on your website can do for you:

More Content on Your Website = More Visitors

More content for Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to scan increases your page ranking and translates to a better chance that your site will pull up in a search for relevant content.

Google loves frequently Changing Website Content

Google is huge fan of content that frequently changes. When you incorporate a blog into your website design you’re adding an entire section of frequently changing content. Every time you add a new blog post, the new content creates another opportunity to alert search engines like Google that your website is doing something. Nobody likes stale content and maintaining a blog helps keep your website fresh with a stream of new pages, comments, posts, and links.

Maximizes Your Followers, Friends and Feeds!

When you post a Tweet, Facebook Status Update, or LinkedIn Update, is there any call to action for your followers? When you have a business blog it’s the perfect way to bring your followers to your website. For example; post a new blog article on your great new product and you can post a link to your article on all your favorite social networking pages. When your followers click on the link – bam! They’ll be reading the article right on your website. That’s more traffic to your website. The increased traffic to your website, which was brought in via your blog, creates more opportunities for your business to be successful.

In addition to the direct benefits of visits to your website, you’ll get the added benefit of having lots of links from reputable sites (ie, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) that will link right back to your websites. That means each of your blog posts can create lots of incoming links to your site. With a blog, adding a little bit of content at a time will go a long way. Not sure how to get one started? We enjoy customizing blogs for our clients and we can build it right into your site! So, feel free to give us a call at 813-321-1300 or email us and we will gladly help you get started blogging for business.

Author: Julianna Stoll

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