Benefits of Having Videos On Your Website


8 Reasons Why It Benefits (and Pays) To Have Video On Your Website

Video is one of the most powerful elements you can have on your website to connect with your audience. It’s no surprise that between 2009 and 2010 video was the fastest growing element being added to websites. Here are 10 reasons why you definitely don’t want to miss out on this trend:

1.)   Communicates a Complex Message Effectively

So let’s say the message you’d like to get across to your audience right away isn’t the simplest of messages. If you don’t use video you’ll have to take up a lot of webpage real-estate, not to mention too much of the viewers time. With video you can get your message across efficiently in a conversational format.

2.)   Search Engines Like to See Video on Your Site

In addition to all the awesome benefits that you’ll get from your audience when you have video on your site ““ you’ll be getting points from search engines too! Search engines like Google and Yahoo and Bing now rank sites higher that have video.

3.)   Keeps Visitors on Your Site Longer

Video is a great “sticky” element to add to your website. Meaning, visitors will often stick on a page longer when they’re entertained by a video.

4.)   Helps Encourage Purchases

If you’re selling products online, a video demonstrating the effectiveness or use of your product can help provide additional information and credibility for the product similar to a testimonial. A good video on your site can greatly influence buying decisions! (pst”¦ if you aren’t selling your products on your website, call us!)

5.)   Adds Personality

There’s no doubt that hearing someone talk, rather than reading a whole bunch of text, is a more personal experience. Adding video on your website will help you convey emotion and personality for your users which helps with the reliability of your company / products.

6.)   Acts as an On Demand Sales Pitch

A video on your website is like having a 24-7 on demand sales person on your website! Potential customers can hear your sales pitch from anywhere at any time whenever they feel like it.

7.)   Enhances Mobile Experience

Video is also great for enhancing your web design for mobile users. With so many mobile users accessing your site, it will be highly beneficial to have the engaging video available for mobile users. The catch? Not ALL videos display on mobile devices. If you have Flash you’ll want to upgrade to a newer technology like HTML5 that will display videos on popular iphones and ipads. Learn more by following this link .

8.)   Lots of People like Watching More than Reading!

Last but not least, we can’t ignore that there are lots of people out there who aren’t interested in reading all the text on your website. Of that audience much more of them are up for watching an entertaining video instead. In fact, video is attractive for audiences of generations both young and old; from the generations who grew up with video sites like YouTube, to those of us who aren’t big on the small print.

Are you convinced that you need to add some video to your website pronto?!

We can help you add optimized video to your website that will display on all mobile devises. Video will be embedded on your site so you don’t lose visitors by clicking of your site. Give us a call at 813-321-1300 or follow this link to our Contact Us page!


Author: Julianna Stoll

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