Tips For Enhancing Your Ecommerce Webstore

It’s important for businesses to consistantly look for new ways to acquire new customers. In addition, it is absolutely imperative that companies not only obtain new customers, but also encourage repeat business.  This is especially true with regard to establishing and then maintaining clients which have originated from your e-commerce website.  Here are some simple tips to help encourage your online store customers to keep coming back year after year.  


1-      Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Your Ecommerce Web Site

According to the author of Ecommerce and Entrepreneur Blog, with regard to how Google searches are performed, people are creatures of habit. When looking for certain items online, its likely people often enter the same type of phrase or text within a Google search. For this reason, it is important for you to pay attention to the words people use when performing a Google search for an item for sale online. When you analyze the “keywords” used to help lead people to your webstore, you will discover what is driving traffic to your ecommerce site. There are many tools available to help you with SEO. Before investing a lot of time performing SEO related tasks, it is always a good idea to develop a strategic plan. We offer search engine optimization strategic planning as a service and would be happy to help you and your team take your ecommerce site to the next level. 


2-     Go The Extra Mile For Those Who Shop At Your Webstore

With the hundreds of thousands of ecommerce sites online today customers are taking the time to price shop before making a purchase. In order to stand out from the competition, you may want to consider offering something more with their order! To encourage repeat business, you may want to offer free shipping, or possibly extend a discount for the next time your customers make a purchase through your ecommerce site. When businesses go the extra mile to make their customer’s online shopping experiences positive, many will continue to return to your site.


3-      Make It Easy For Your Ecommerce Website Customers To Buy From You

Within your ecommerce site, are you compelling your online shopping audience to make a purchase? In order to encourage viewers to buy your goods, you must have a clear and simple “call to action” within the pages of your webstore. When presenting your “call to action” the messaging should prompt your customers to buy from you. 


4-      Upgrade Your Out-of-Date Shopping Cart

Next on the list is to upgrade your shopping cart! When online shoppers find it difficult to place an order through a specific ecommerce store, it discourages buyers from making a purchase. When online shoppers can easily place orders within your ecommerce site, those customers are more likely to keep coming back. For instance, within some ecommerce sites, the shopping cart icon may be small and not easily located. When upgrading, you may want to consider making the “my cart” icon bigger and more easily accessible to your online viewers. In addition, it is also a good idea to show your customers how many items they have in their online shopping carts as well as the total amount.


5-      Consider Offering A Money Back Guarantee To Your Online Store Shoppers

When consumers know that they will receive a full refund upon return of any item bought from your ecommerce store, they will be more inclined to make additional purchases from you in the future.   


It’s amazing how some simple tips (like some of the ones outlined above) can have such a positive effect on a user’s webstore shopping experience. By improving your site so that your users have a great experience, you can soon have a more profitable ecommerce site. If you need help, but don’t know where to start, Cornerstone has been creating amazing ecommerce webstores for all sorts of companies within many different Industries.  The ecommerce sites our skilled developers create are not only visually appealing, they are also simple to use.  Give us a call today and ask us about how we can help you improve your ecommerce online store and SEO efforts. We can make it easy for consumers to not only find, like, purchase goods and/or services from your ecommerce site, but also keep them coming back! So, call Cornerstone today at (813) 321-1300 or follow this link to our Contact Us page.





Author: Ashley Edwards


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