SAP Business One Cloud Computing for Small Business

Since 1983, Cornerstone Consulting has been a trusted provider of business consulting services and IT solutions to companies through out the United States.  As experienced business consultants, software systems experts and technology service providers, we believe in the concept of Fast Value.  In order for your small business to out-perform your competition, you need to have the right tools which allow you to easily keep pace with changing technologies.  Your small business should be able to run cutting-edge enterprise resource planning software (ERP) on a state-of-the-art technology platform.  Further, as a President, Owner, CEO, or CFO of a small business, you should not have to worry about the expenses related to hiring an in-house IT staff to: purchase, set-up and maintain in-house servers; perform network and security updates, or install software patches, packs and upgrades.

What Is SAP Business One ERP?

SAP Business One ERP is a single, integrated, all-in-one application (financial accounting, customer relationship management, inventory tracking and control, warehouse management, material requirements planning) to manage your entire business.  It is an unparalleled business management software system, specifically created for small and medium enterprises, with built in business intelligence (BI) tools, dashboards and data discovery tools.  Built to grow with you, the SAP Business One solution is quick to deploy, and can be delivered on premise or on demand.  Learn more: SAP Business One for Small Business

What Is SAP Business One ERP Cloud Computing?

SAP Business One ERP Cloud Computing is a service provided by Cornerstone Consulting, which offers small businesses the opportunity to have the enterprise business management application, as well as associated files, email, documents, calendars and more, hosted on a private server (accessible via the Internet) as opposed to deployed “on-premise” at their physical location.

With your SAP Business One system in the cloud, your staff will no longer worry about purchasing, setting-up and maintaining in-house servers; performing network and security updates, or installing software patches, packs and upgrades for your small business SAP software system to run seamlessly. The software and technology platforms are constantly updated by Cornerstone Consulting, so your Information Technology (IT) departments and employees don’t have to be responsible for new versions and installations, thereby reducing overall costs.

We’ve made it affordable for small businesses to run SAP Business One ERP in the cloud.  Cornerstone’s low cost cloud services for small business may be just the right solution for your company. If you are evaluating ERP solutions and the potential benefits of management simplicity, economies of scale and workforce optimization by having your enterprise solution deployed on demand, and will require up to five users in the system, call Cornerstone Consulting at 813-321-1300.  We’re looking forward to presenting you with options to help address your budget, timeline, IT preferences, and unique requirements for your small business.

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