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Small and Midsized Businesses Work Smarter Using Technology To Run Better Than The Rest

In this day and age, the smarter small and midsized business leaders are setting themselves far apart from their competition by leveraging technology to better manage their business processes. Savvy leaders understand that integrated software applications help companies dramatically reduce costs and substantially improve efficiencies.  For CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, and Owners of small and midsized businesses, running a lean operation through a useful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system, such as SAP Business One, can save an inordinate amount of time and money.

There are numerous benefits for implementing an integrated enterprise software solution for your business.  For example, with an integrated ERP solution, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes your staff to perform data input tasks.  You will also save the time it would take to train all of the people within each department of your company to learn multiple business software products.   In addition, as most business software products are sold through dealer channels, the management of many different vendors (who are typically responsible for the purchase, implementation, training and customization of the software solution each one represents), can be extremely time consuming for you and your staff.  Further, you’ll reduce information technology (IT) costs not only by using a single system to access all business data, but also through the ease of expanding the system as business needs change.

Instead of using a different software program for every important business activity such as financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory control-tracking-management, warehouse management, material requirements planning (MRP), business intelligence (BI), and e-commerce, consider working smarter and having all of these business processes within a single integrated software solution.  By utilizing SAP’s integrated enterprise software solution for small and midsized companies, SAP Business One, your staff will:

  • Only need to learn one software program
  • Save time by entering data into just one application
  • Benefit from the automation of tasks and be more productive
  • No longer have to maintain many different business software applications
  • No longer have to manage many different business software vendors

Business leaders today are also relying on enterprise resource planning software systems for their strong automation capabilities. In particular, For CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, and Owners of small and midsized companies dramatically reduce costs, substantially improve efficiencies and save time by automating time-consuming business processing tasks.  In an effort to free up employee’s usable time, many business leaders choose to streamline redundant data entry tasks, handling orders, activites related to batch processing, closing financial accounting periods, general ledger (GL) postings, real-time quantity on hand inventory counts, material requirements and production planning (for manufacturers),  scheduling, and much more.  By using the scheduling and automation tools built into the SAP Business One ERP system, routine business processes can be handled by the technology.  As the technology can processleaving you and your staff with a lot more free time.  As a result of having more freedom, you and your staff will have the time to focus your attention on growing your business by:

  • Identifying new markets
  • Bringing on new product lines
  • Finding creative ways to move merchandise
  • Creating new partnering arrangements to improve efficiencies
  • Enhancing your social media and online marketing initiatives
  • And more!

In recent years, the manufacturing, wholesale distribution, nutraceutical and online retail business leaders have been dealing with increased costs, credit being tight, banks unwilling to approve loans, and many other difficult circumstances.  As leading ERP consultants in Tampa, FL, we’ve assisted many different types of small and midsized businesses leverage technology to survive the challenges brought on by the unstable U.S. economy.  The companies which have implemented the SAP Business One ERP solution have been able to manage the challenges, maximize their competitive edge, and increase the strength of their enterprise for the experience.

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What Sets Cornerstone Consulting Apart From All Other ERP System Consultants?

Cornerstone Consulting is a U.S.-based IT services, web development and business consulting firm.  Cornerstone is a SAP Software Business Partner and has a highly-skilled team of certified SAP Business One ERP system consultants, programmers, and trainers.  Cornerstone is also a leading Comgine E-Commerce Business Partner.  Additionally, Cornerstone has on-staff: CPAs, brilliant software programmers, extremely creative search engine optimization (SEO) website designers, highly-skilled SEO e-commerce developers, exceptional mobile commerce designers, graphic designers, online marketing gurus, social media marketing experts and search engine optimization specialists.  We’re looking forward to helping your business automate time-consuming manual processes, achieve optimal enterprise-wide efficiency, and out-perform the competition within the online global marketplace.

The Cornerstone staff enjoys helping simplify our client’s lives, sell more products, and provide our customers with the opportunity to have more free time.  Like our clients, you too can run your entire enterprise with one software program.  Each and every single department within your company can be connected.  With an ERP system that can be up in running in only a few weeks, you’ll experience rapid ROI, will be able to take advantage of cutting-edge integrated functionality, as well as drive profitable local, regional, national and international growth.


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