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It’s always exciting when a manufacturer, distributor and/or online retailer launches a new product for sale on their webstore. If you are a manufacturer, distributor and/or online retailer that is planning an upcoming launch of a new product, here are a few simple things you can do to achieve greater marketing success.  

As your first step, it is our recommendation that you clearly define your strategy and associated objectives. It is always a good idea to determine what your goals are for the “promotion” or “launch” of any new items you plan to sell within your ecommerce website. Is your goal to target a specific niche market, make more product sales nationally, or are you planning on selling your online items to an international customers? If you can clearly define your goals and objectives in the beginning, it will help you more effectively manage your project.

The next step is to schedule the creation of your marketing materials and decide upon which tools you plan to use for the execution of the campaign. Determine what your messaging and content for your direct mailers, advertisements (traditional and/or online), and press releases you plan to use. To efficiently accomplish your new item promotion, utilizing the latest in technology, tracking, and analytics will help save time. By using state-of-the-art systems for online marketing campaigns, you will be able to track the success of each stage of the launch as well as measure the success metrix of your new online item.

In order to set your product apart from the online competition, it’s good to provide your webstore shoppers with unique information about your product. So, make sure you maximize the item’s description area within your ecommerce site and try to make your online viewers understand why your product is superior. In addtion, try to use appropriate keywords within the description of your new item. This will help the search engines find your new item. Providing your online viewers with great product photos is always a good thing to do as well. If at all possible, consider adding a video of your item. When setting up “new products” within your ecommerce website, aim to have those products to be displayed about 24 hours before launch.

To “get the word out” about your upcoming online product launch, notify as many people as you can. It’s never a bad idea to tell your customers directly about the upcoming launch. You can also consider emailing your customers and possibly offer them a discount on the purchase of your new item. If you have a social media presence, the networks can provide you with many opportunities to broadcast the launch of your new product. So what does this really mean? Market and advertise your product in as many creative ways as possible. As an example, consider creating a social media campaign which allows those who “following you” or become a “fan” the ability to purchase your item at a discounted price. This gives those in your social media networks the chance to receive discounts, but also gives you the opportunity to market to people you may not have targeted otherwise.

When setting up a campaign, it is important for your online shoppers to see your new item in many places within your ecommerce website. So, show your product in multiple locations within your site, such as the landing page, within a banner, or in the side advertisements. By showing your new item in many areas within your ecommerce website, it will help catch the viewer’s attention. 

There are a lot of ways to promote new products and track the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising campaigns for new item promotions. When you make it easy for online shoppers to find your item on the Internet, go to your webstore, and purchase the product, your ecommerce site will be successful. If you’d like advice regarding your ecommerce website, please call Cornerstone Consulting’s Tampa Corporate Office at (813) 321-1300 today and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.



Author: Ashley Edwards

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