Ecommerce: Personalizing The Online Shopping Experience

Improving Ecommerce Websites With Personalization

So what does “personalizing the online shopping experience” mean? Think about the shopping experience you have when you’re in a “bricks and mortar” retail store. A good sales clerk asks you questions to learn what you are interested in versus what you do not like. Then, based upon the asnwers you gave to the questions, the salesperson brings you items that meet your needs. Your online customers can have a similar experience when shopping within your ecommerce website. Eventhough your online customer will not have a physical salesperson to help them find what they need, a sophisticated ecommerce system can detect a shopper’s interests pretty quickly. 

In order to keep your online shoppers coming back to your ecommerce website, it’s important to provide your customers with a great experience. So, how does one incorporate the idea of making online shopping a wonderful experience into the company’s ecommerce site? It’s simple to do when your ecommerce system is configured to up-sell.  When your ecommerce application is set up to show complementary items to the product(s) your online shoppers are interested in purchasing, not only does this help to personalize the experience, it also allows you to sell more goods.  As up-selling is 20% more effective than cross selling, it can be a lucrative process for your business to incorporate into its ecommerce website

Tracking whether or not a customer researches or takes additional steps to learn more about what is offered on your ecommerce site can provide you with the opportunity to learn individual buying habits as well as general purchasing trends. Discovering the path online shoppers take while “window shopping” your products as well as what they view before making a purchase can help you improve your ecommerce website. By following the way people browse your site, you can customize which products you’d like to show them. For instance, if someone arrives at your ecommerce site, looks at two products and then leaves, it’s a good practice to capture this entire path. That way, when this online shopper returns to look around your ecommerce site again in the future, you can immediately show them the products they were previously considering for a purchase. A good ecommerce system can track the flow of each online shoppers experience and help turn site browsing into sales. 

We like to make it as easy as possible for our clients to find new customers and have their existing clientele purchase more products from their ecommerce websites. The Cornerstone team enjoys making it easy for your new and existing customers to buy from you. Cornerstone’s ecommerce software, Comgine, can be configured with website tracking by customers as well as up-selling features for any and all products. Additionally, you have the ability to place multiple products in many different categories for the viewing of your customers, which increases the opportunity for you to sell more items.

As you may know, the companies with the best software and technology out-perform the competition. For those interested in creating an outstanding online shopping experience for their customers, Cornerstone Consulting can help you improve your ecommerce system and processes.  Whether you desire to create “the best” online shopping experience for your customers or would like improvements made to your existing site, our highly-skilled staff will gladly help you personalize your ecommerce solution. Call us at (813) 321-1300 to learn more or visit Comgine today!

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