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10 Tips For Improving Product Images On Your Ecommerce Site

Looking for ways to improve your ecommerce site? As you may have heard the saying, “a picture says a thousand words.” One of the most important things to do well within your ecommerce website is to have great pictures of your products. Having great pictures of your products is critical, because you want to showcase your goods in the best way possible. Below are some simple ways to improve the product photos on your website.


1. The first and most obvious tip is to have good photographs of your items. Simple right? It should be. Make sure to show your products from multiple angles and in different lighting. It’s nice to present your shoppers many different views of your products, so make sure you are showing the best options possible.


2. Use high resolution photos of your products on your Ecommerce site. Your customers want to examine the product(s) before making a purchase, so let them. Within your site, you could consider having the option to enlarge each product photo. As your customers can’t touch your product(s) before purchasing, pictures are VERY important.


3.  Use more than one photo of each product. It’s important that you offer multiple photos of your product. This will allow the customer to have a better understanding of the product as a whole. 


4. Show the product in use. Showing the product in use allows you to connect with the customers and hopefully they can picture themselves using the particular product. If your online shoppers can see the product(s) in multiple scenarios of use, they will be more compelled to buy it.


5. Use the right dimensions. This is very important for your Ecommerce site. Using the right dimensions for the photos, width and height will cut down on the load time for each page. It’s important once the photos are loaded that the particular product is not distorted in anyway. 


6. Use a simple clean background for each item. When it comes to backgrounds, less is more. A colored/ patterned background will distract your customers from the product you are trying to sell. Choose a background color wisely a soft grey, white or black is typically the best option. Be creative, but consider the products you are offering on your Ecommerce site and make sure they are the star of the show!


7. Use clean picture cutout. If you plan on additional editing to the images of your products be sure that the edges are crisp and clear. Maintaining a professional look for each item on your website will only serve to help you sell more of your products.


8. Use realistic reflection photos. To ensure you have something that looks realistic, take a photo of the product on a reflective surface. This will eliminate the need for any “photo-shopping” to be done after the fact — which can sometime distort the images within ecommerce websites.


9. Use the proper brightness and contrast. A simple way to achieve this is to use “auto contrast” when taking pictures of your items. The auto contrast will allow your photos to stand out and be realistic without having to make many adjustments. by using this feature, you will be sure to highlight the features of the product in the right areas.


10. And finally, be consistent. Remember, when setting up your photos for your Ecommerce site it’s important to stick with the same idea through out your entire website. For instance, if you decide to use a black background for a few product photos, consider doing the same for all items through the entire site. 


Your ecommerce website, when designed for maximum appeal, can help you sell more of your items.  If you’re considering making improvements to your existing website, or would like a new ecommerce site built, the highly-skilled web development team of Cornerstone Consulting can help. For nearly twenty years our team has been providing professional websites and Comgine ecommerce sites for many different types of businesses. To speak with an ecommerce specialist, please call Cornerstone’s Tampa corporate office at (813) 321-1300 today. No time to call us now? If you complete the web form within the Contact Cornerstone page, just let us know when to contact you and we’ll gladly call you at a convenient date and time.




Author: Ashley Edwards


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