SAP Makes More Enhancements To SAP Business One 8.82

SAP Improves The ERP System for Small to Midsize Businesses, SAP Business One

A leader in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market, SAP has released a new, enhanced, and more robust version of SAP Business One. Another step up from the previous version (SAP Business One 8.8), SAP Business One 8.82 has brought ERP software functionality to new heights. Among the many changes, SAP has integrated some exciting new features to help small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) keep better control of their businesses while streamlining processes and making the workload easier.  SAP has added too many new features to Business One to mention in a single article, so below are some key highlights for you to enjoy.


Campaign management has become easier and more effective with the ability to easily create and manage target groups. You can manage the target groups, generate analytical reports and link each campaign to the results.  The simplified management of target groups, in combination with the iformation already kept in SAP Business One allows for much more streamlined marketing activities.  Managing business partners (vendors and customers) is extremely easy too.


By utilizing a “make to order” feature SAP Business One users can now better manage their production process. Whether dealing with single or multiple line orders, the SAP Business One 8.82 “make to order” feature provides the ability to easily manage orders. Users will enjoy a simplified production process and an efficient requisite procurement.  The light manufacturing component of this package just keeps getting better.


Order fulfillment has also been enhanced in the Pick and Pack manager feature. The Pick and Pack manager now provides users with the visible allocation of both serial and batch numbers. In addition, it allows for back order support and has an automated delivery creation feature. SAP Business One 8.82 also now has a provision for the creation of manual invoices, and sorting deliveries by the addresses, as well as the flexibility of choosing your criteria for Pick/Pack functions.


SAP Business One 8.82 has also improved the Activity Management feature. The system now makes it really easy to for one person to assign work to all employees, whether they use the software or not. Some examples include duplication of tasks, attaching emails to assignment with the “drag and drop option”, using a Business Partner address as a task address, and the creation of repeat tasks for a month or a year.


SAP Business One 8.82 has also made great improvements in the flexibility of the material resource planning (MRP) feature. The MRP offers users the ability to select a warehouse, fulfill an inventory order, provide data forecasting and information attachment capabilities as well as easier planning based on past history.


The accuracy of production and procurement planning has never been as good as it is now, with the forecasting feature in SAP Business One 8.82. It much easier to come up with projections on expected orders based on historical use patterns.


Cash flow management has also been further enhanced with the new analysis dashboard of SAP Business One 8.82. Cash flow problems will never be a surprise for the user of SAP Business One 8.82.


The improvements in the features that SAP Business One 8.82 offers, surely makes SAP Business One a leader in the market. If you would like to learn more about SAP Business One and the numerous ways it can help your small to midsized manufacturing, wholesale distribution, or online retail business, contact the Tampa corporate office of Cornerstone Consulting at (813) 321-1300 today. Don’t have the time to call us now? Visit our Contact Us page, submit the form, and we’ll get back to you when it’s convenient for you.


Author: David Boos

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