SAP Business One (SAP B1) And Comgine eCommerce As ERP Cloud Solution

With the growing popularity of cloud computing, many business leaders are eager to understand the latest technology and how it can increase their company’s bottom line. The cloud offers the means for which businesses can have their entire platform of business software hosted within a private server and available to them, at any time, via Internet access. As this type of infrastructure allows people to access their business information while outside of the office and “on the go”, it can be very appealing to leaders of growing companies. In addition to offering businesses a way to have instant access to their critical enterprise-wide data, cloud computing can be a good solution for companies that do not wish to purchase and maintain on-premise servers.

Many small business leaders are turning to the cloud as a viable infrastructure solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP) because their software can be delivered on-demand as a service. By utilizing On-Demand/Software as a Service (Saas), as opposed to purchasing an ERP system for an on-premise implementation, companies can save time and money. Instead of making a large upfront investment in an integrated system of financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) – for sales and customer service management, inventory/warehouse tracking-control-management, material requirements planning (MRP), electronic commerce (e-Commerce), mobile commerce (m-Commerce), website content management system (CMS), and Crystal Reports for accurate enterprise-wide analytics and organization-wide reporting, business owners can pay a flat monthly fee to operate this kind of cutting-edge ERP system. In many instances, due to the streamlined nature of the cloud’s structure, implementation of a new ERP solution can be deployed faster than an on-premise installation. By not hiring in-house IT staff to manage software upgrades, install service patches, perform data back-ups, and implement regular network and security updates, additional costs can be saved.

The leaders of growing small manufacturing, wholesale and online retail businesses are implementing the SAP Business One with Comgine eCommerce as a complete ERP cloud solution in record numbers, and for very good reasons. With SAP Business One hosted in a private cloud, a small business can have every area of their company connected. All of the pertinent financial accounting, ecommerce, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory tracking-control-management, materials requirement planning (MRP) information is maintained in one integrated, unified, and streamlined software system. By having a single system of data, growing small businesses can: reduce production costs, eliminate transaction costs, no longer process redundant and error-prone data entry tasks, have an instant view of accurate enterprise-wide data, generate accurate reports “on the fly”, be alerted to any deviation within organization-wide data, track everything, automate numerous tasks, and more.

For more information on cloud computing options for SAP Business One ERP and to find out how your growing small business can have this entire software system and technology platform without your employees ever having to spend their valuable time on setting-up and maintaining in-house servers, performing network and security updates, or installing software patches, packs and upgrades, please call Cornerstone Consulting at 813-321-1300.  Cornerstone Consulting helps companies implement the right software solutions, is a trusted SAP Partner, and a premier reseller of Comgine, the eCommerce Ad-on for SAP Business One.

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