Business Insights and Technology Tips – May 2012

Business Insights And Technology Tips

For Small And Midsized Enterprises (SMEs)

Retailers: Target Tablet Visitors

“Consumers who visit retail websites using tablet devices (“˜Tablet Visitors’) are more valuable online customers than those who visit websites using smartphones or traditional desktop/laptop computers.  Based on its analysis of 16.2 billion visits to the websites of more than 150 retailers in 2011, Adobe Digital Marketing Insights found that Tablet Visitors spend over 50% more per purchase than visitors who use smartphones (“˜Smartphone Visitors’) and over 20% more than visitors who use desktop/laptop computers (“˜Traditional Visitors’). Additionally, Adobe found that Tablet Visitors are three times more likely to make a purchase than Smartphone Visitors and nearly as likely to purchase as Traditional Visitors.

Other findings from the Adobe study include: (a) Tablet Visitors respond to promotions. Conversion rates and average order values on Black Friday and Cyber Monday rose above their 2011 Holiday and Calendar 2011 averages. (b) Tablet Visitors are rapidly growing in size. Although they generate a small portion of total website visits, their share of total visits increased from 1% to 4% in just 12 months. (c) Tablet Visitors appear to spend more because of their demographics, the nature of the tablet user experience, and the environment in which Tablet Visitors shop online. These findings suggest that retailers can no longer afford a “˜one-size-fits-all’ approach to mobile optimization because Tablet Visitors and Smartphone Visitors are distinct customer segments. Retailers should evaluate the opportunity that Tablet Visitors offer and develop strategies to better attract, convert and retain them.”

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“TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news”¦ Columnists and Contributors bring deep insights from the heart of the tech community. TechCrunch Columnists push articles out regularly; some even have their own TCTV shows”¦ TechCrunch and its network of websites now reach over 12 million unique visitors and draw more than 37 million page views per month. The TechCrunch community includes more than 2 million friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and other social media”¦Columnists and Contributors bring deep insights from the heart of the tech community. TechCrunch Columnists push articles out regularly; some even have their own TCTV shows.”  You do not have to be a “techie” or “techno-nerd” to glean useful tech news from TechCrunch articles.

See: TechCrunch

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Real And Digital Word Of Mouth

For decades marketing experts have believed that “You can’t beat good word of mouth” is absolutely correct. From the Wharton article linked below: “It seems only logical that the more interesting a product is to consumers, the more they will talk about it. But the latest research from two Wharton professors suggests that when it comes to creating buzz-worthy advertising campaigns, how people communicate (e.g., whether they talk face to face or over email) is a big factor in determining what they discuss.  In their paper titled, “˜How Interest Shapes Word-of-Mouth over Different Channels,’ marketing professors Jonah Berger and Raghuram Iyengar explore the relationship between successful marketing and the methods used to spread it. The topic is especially timely in the digital age, when there is a lot of attention paid to word-of-mouth and social media.”

See: Wharton – Matching the Medium with the Message in Word-of-mouth Marketing

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The Wisdom Of Ben Franklin

The article linked below is entitled “14 Lessons From Benjamin Franklin About Getting What You Want In Life.” This is one of the lessons: “Well done is better than well said.” The accompanying commentary: “Talk is cheap. Talking about a project won’t get it completed. We all know people who constantly talk about the things they are going to do but rarely ever take that first step. Eventually people begin to question their credibility. Taking action and seeing the task through to completion is the only way to get the job done.”  The remaining Franklin Lessons are as pithy as they are wise.

See: – Life Lessons From Ben Franklin

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Social Business

“Social business is about to enter a new phase, according to SAP”˜s Sameer Patel. Patel has been a commentator and consultant on social but he recently crossed the divide and  joined SAP. He’s there to help grow a social stack for the software giant’s customers. To date, social business has been a nebulous offer, to say the least. The sales pitch from vendors has sounded uncannily like: Buy my platform, I’ll change your culture.”

See: – Social Business Part II

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