mCommerce Enhances eCommerce Websites

Have you wondered why it is so important to have mobile commerce (mCommerce) capabilities within your electronic commerce (eCommerce) online webstore? Although both electronic commerce and mobile commerce are designed to help you sell your products online, the means by which customers purchase the goods is very different. As more people use mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and wireless laptops to search for goods online, many are using “mobile apps” to research a product before making a purchase. If your business does not currently have “apps,” specifically designed to appeal to mobile device users, you may miss out on many opportunities for sales.

According to a Pew Research report, “The estimated 7.3 billion people occupying the planet in 2016 will be using 10 billion mobile Internet-capable devices.” As the number of mobile device users continues to grow at a rapid pace, now would be a great time for you to devise a marketing strategy to appeal to the numerous online consumers currently using smartphones, tablets and wireless laptops. Providing your online customers with the ability to purchase items from your eCommerce site via mobile devices can serve to increase your company’s bottom line. By expanding your eCommerce website to include mCommerce, you will be able to reach new consumers.

If you implement a creative mobile strategy in the near future, consumers will not only have the option to purchase items from your online eCommerce store via personal computer, but they will also be able to submit a sales transaction by using a mobile device. In addition, if you’d like for your mobile commerce strategy to include the creation of a custom “mobile app”, take time to enure that such an application will appeal to your target market. Before executing any mobile strategy, it is important to learn if your plan makes sense for your business model. 

When it comes to using any kind of mobile app, the consumers have one strong expectation — the application must be easy to use. If you are going to create a mobile strategy which includes developing an “app,” remember to keep the features simple. Building the right type of foundation for your mobile strategy is critical. With the right design, your mobile strategy can help you enter into new markets and grow your business. So, if you’re considering developing a mobile strategy for your business, and would like to expand your eCommerce website capabilities, contact the marketing and programming specialists of Cornerstone Consulting today at (813) 321-1300. 




Author: Ashley Edwards


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