Twitter Can Boost Online Sales

As you may know, there are countless outlets you can utilize to promote your products or services online. Although there are many ways to market your eCommerce website, Twitter has become an extremely powerful tool for “getting the word out” about products for sale online. Here are a few simple ways to use Twitter to promote your products on your eCommerce website.


A simple way to promote products on your webstore is to offer discounts or deals to your Twitter account followers. You may consider creating a separate account which only shows special offers and promotions which are customized specifically for your Twitter followers. They might appreciate knowing there is a unique account, created just for them, where they can go to access their offers and promotions. 

As soon as your marketing team has created your special offer or promotion, make sure that you have a corresponding “Call to Action.” Then, inform your Twitter followers about your special offer or promotion and ask them to participate by clicking your link, or sharing the link with their friends, etc. Be creative in finding ways to prompt them to take action!


Utilize the social media icon features on your website. In addition to your Twitter followers, ask your LinkedIn connections and Facebook “fans” to share a link to your online store with their friends and associates on social media websites. By doing this, they can help you promote your products for FREE. Typically, when online shoppers find a “great deal” and are excited about it, they want to share the information with their friends, associates and family members.  So, make it easy for your online webstore customers to share each amazing offer you promote on your eCommerce site.


Before you post anything within Twitter about your products for sale in your ecommerce website site, think about how your followers will read the content of your Tweets. It’s a good idea to share content that sparks interest in your products. Consider sharing links to creative videos, a page of positive comments, or interesting blog posts about your products and have fun! We all like to have some fun and your followers do too.


Find out what people are saying about your products within social media networks. Your fans and Twitter followers will pay attention to what the community is or is not saying about your products, so you should know what is being said. If you happen to read something negative about your product, be proactive and address the issue. Your actions will show that you are willing to solve the issue and that you care about your customers.


Did you know that people can purchase products online through Twitter? Two popular tools are Twitpay and Chirpify. They help process sales transactions through Twitter. The easier you make it for people to purchase your products, the greater your sales. When you have great products, use marketing avenues like Twitter to tell everyone about it and then make it super easy for people to buy from you, you’ve got a winning system.


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Author: Ashley Edwards


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