Better Analytics With Google’s Custom Dashboards

Why Using Google Analytics Custom Dashboards Can Help You Make Better Decisions About Your Business Website

People who own, manage and/or market via a website can often find themselves trying to navigate through Google Analytics, looking for information, being overwhelmed by data and then repeating the process the next time they log in. Most typical business owners with a website probably don’t even log into Analytics for fear that they will be overwhelmed. The result is that they can be deprived of an abundance of important, timely data.

Google Analytics Custom Dashboards could be the answer to that problem. If you don’t already use dashboards (they’ve been around for about a year), welcome to the world of fast and easy information regarding your web traffic, to help you make better-informed business decisions. When you log into Analytics, the Standard Reporting dashboard appears. Perhaps you are already familiar with its power, speed and plethora of template reports. However, sometimes searching for the specific information you need resembles searching for a nickel in a haystack.

Dashboards allow users to grab bits and pieces of data from various reports and convert them into one simple and orderly overview. In addition, users can have up to 20 dashboards per Google Analytics profile, which means users can create specialized dashboards for different needs. Further, users can have up to 12 widgets containing a specific report, or set of data, that the user specifies.

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool for analyzing website traffic data. It was designed to meet the needs of the many diverse kinds of websites and businesses that operate on the Internet. That means that the template reports you find in the Standard Report won’t always meet the needs for a specific business or website. A very important feature of Google Analytics is “Custom Dashboards.” Those Dashboards allow users to amass data that they won’t find (or can’t easily locate) in the Standard Reporting tools. Further, users can amass data in unique ways, to suit the more specific needs of their businesses.

Part of the challenge of drawing insight from your website traffic data is being able to check it on a regular basis. Using a Custom Dashboard removes a big barrier, making the data you need much more readily accessible. In other words, it saves you time and effort, which means you can do it more often. If you have a business website, and would like to be able to make better decisions about your site much faster than before, now is the time to utilize the Custom Dashboards of Google Analytics.

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