Google Product Search Will Become Google Shopping

If yours is a retail operation, you probably know that selling via the Internet has become a prominent factor in the industry.  However, do you know that “Comparison Shopping Search Engines“, a/k/a “CSEs”, exist to aid e-shoppers?  Search Engine Watch recently published a “Top Ten” list of such search engines.  The comparison analysis is “”¦ based on traffic, revenue, conversion rate, return on spend, average cost-per-click (CPC), quality of merchant tools, and merchant response ratings.” (1)

Google recently announced that its free Comparison Shopping feature, “Google Product Search”, will become “Google Shopping” in the near future and retailers will pay for listings.  Google is not known for making rash judgments.  Accordingly, one might surmise that (a) potential buyers will continue to make Google Product Search an integral part of the shopping process and (b) sellers will respond accordingly.  

Google Product Search is just one of a number of Comparison Search Engines.  The article linked below compares the characteristics of ten of the top ranked Comparison Shopping Engines.  The site on which the article appears was created by former employees of comparison shopping engines and created a website intended to “”¦help retailers outsmart their competition”¦”  One such comparison:

At present, Amazon has a slight lead on Google in the Comparison Search Engine “Traffic” category, while Google ranks first in revenue and Amazon ranks third.  The new pay-to-play model of Google Shopping has generated a lot of attention lately, but how many visitors have actually seen the paid ads in the search engine result pages?  It might seem that since Google made the announcement, paid ads are few and far between.

Perhaps that is because Google hasn’t settled on a final location for its paid shopping listings and space buyers would like to see the ad space before committing to it. Try a search for “hiking boots”, for example, and you will notice that the location of the shopping ads dance around quite a bit.  One might wonder what prompted that feature.

From a marketer’s perspective, it would seem advisable to expend time and effort to stay abreast of current developments in the wild and wooly world of generic e-marketing and, more specifically, trends, nuances and techniques related to maximizing the marketing potential of Comparison Search Engines.                                                                                                        


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