Getting The Most SEO Out Of Each Page Within Your Website

Making The Right Business Website Decisions

In Greek mythology, as you know, partly-human female creatures called Sirens lured mariners with their singing. Your webpages ought to entice search engine spiders or robots (often referred to as “bots”) to index your site. Each webpage you construct within a business website needs to contain the following elements listed below. Note the careful placement of keywords, the search words people would use to find this particular webpage. Use A Provocative Title For Each Webpage Try to use a provocative and descriptive page title, which contains the most important keywords from the content you have for each page, and make sure that it is no more than 80 characters. This is what shows up as a hyperlink within search engine results, so make people want to click on it. Use Descriptive Meta Tags Within Each Webpage The description meta tag should include one or two sentences (up to about 250 characters) describing the contents of this particular webpage. Work into the sentence the most important keywords and key phrases that occur on this page. Some search engines will display your description. I still include a meta keywords tag, since Yahoo currently uses it for indexing, though Google does not. Webpage Headlines H1, H2, H3 in HTML parlance. Your headline and subheadings should include your important keyword at least once. Webpage Body Text The first paragraph of the content of your webpage article or text should contain the main keywords for that page. Hyperlink Text And Filenames Search engines believe that the words contained in hyperlinks on your webpage are very important, and thus rank them higher. If the filenames contained in the hyperlink URLs contain important keywords (such as widget.html for the filename of your widget order page), so much the better. Make sure that you do not emphasize the same keywords on every page of your business website. Let the actual text within each page of content dictate what keywords should stand out.  Your goal is not to trick the search engines in some kind of bait-and-switch scam, but to help the search engines recognize and index appropriately the actual content of your webpages. Construct every webpage with search engines in mind, and it’ll help your rankings. Of course, search engine rankings are heavily influenced by incoming links to your site, but constructing your webpages with an eye to search engines is extremely important as well. Navigation systems are built to help actual humans find their way around your website. But these navigation systems had better be designed carefully or the search engines will throw up their hands in disgust, with the result that actual humans will never get to your website. Search engines need a chain of hypertext links “” starting at your homepage “” that will take them, page by page, to every webpage in your entire business website. For better business website design, superior navigation construction, and stunning web graphic design, contact Cornerstone Consulting at 813-321-1300 regarding unparalleled business web development services. No time to call now concerning your business website design needs?  No worries – we know you’re busy. Please feel free to Contact Cornerstone at your convenience. We will gladly provide you with assistance regarding business software trials, demos, sales, support, and services. We’re looking forward to connecting with you!     The source of this thought provoking article can be found here:

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