SAP’s New Social Monitoring And Analytics Tool – Designed to Help Businesses Improve Social Customer Engagement

Small and midsize companies are steadily increasing their interest in social media.  SAP has recently introduced new offerings that can help your company enter the next phase in its social media lifecycle.  As time goes by, it becomes more and more apparent that enterprises are becoming quite serious about social media.  It seems very obvious today that many enterprises, particularly in the business to consumer (B2C) realm, now consider Social Media to be a significant marketing opportunity vehicle. SAP had many fruitful discussions with its customers and industry analysts regarding how it can help companies create initiatives and gain insights regarding the ever increasing “social channel” which includes public social networks like Facebook, Twitter, as well as a company’s community network or other online systems of connection relevant to its specific industry and segment.

At the same time, SAP has also learned that companies which are devoting time and resources to social media networking efforts report challenges in their ability to track their outbound marketing, efficiently follow up with inbound responses to campaigns, and manage general inquiries. As a result, social media has increasingly become a time-consuming task for small and midsized businesses to manage, because it requires Marketing or Social Media directors to not only develop and execute the outbound campaigns, but also control the responses to all inbound inquiries from “Twitter followers and Facebook fans.” Although some successfully increase their company’s brand loyalty by executing a social media marketing campaign, other businesses may still struglle with the ability to efficiently communicate with prospects and customers through Facebook or Twitter.

To help businesses improve their online networking efforts, SAP now offers a social media monitoring and analytics tool. For small and midsized companies interested in benefiting from utilizing a more strategic approach for their social channel, this cloud based solution may be of interest to you. According to Sven Deneken’s article, From Social Media experimenting to excellence ““ SAP Social Customer Engagement OnDemand enters the market, “SAP Social Media Analytics, which is based on the NetBase Cloud solution, allows companies to listen carefully to what the social web is saying, while improving their social media P&L. With the help of this Social Monitoring & Analytics tool you can track general as well as campaign or product-specific sentiment across different market segments. You can also do advanced analytics on your influencers or competitors for example. The NLP (natural language processing) capabilities are a strong technology foundation, increasing the accuracy for advanced drill-drowns.” Source:


Cloud Computing
Cornerstone Consulting offers cloud computing services to small and midsized businesses. The range of cloud service approaches are comprised of: (1) offering packaged private cloud implementations of SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning system for small and midsized businesses, SAP Business One ERP, (2) and/or delivering cloud service technologies (software and/or hardware), as well as (3) providing best practices to build and run the service methodologies from within your organization or via Cornerstone’s remote management.

Mobile Applications
As billions of people now carry handheld devices capable of mobile commerce, the opportunities for which businesses can expand their markets via mobility and the Web, increases with each passing day. Would you like for more customers to be able to interact with your company through the use of mobile devices?  If so, Cornerstone Consulting can develop mobile applications which can attract new customers, improve relationships with existing clients and help you attain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Social Communications and Collaboration
If you or your staff is involved in social media, managing profiles, messaging and marketing campaigns within sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as performing networking analysis (SNA) can be a daunting task.  Cornerstone Consulting can help your business improve your networking collaboration and publishing efforts, for positive feedback and increased Web traffic from social sites.

We’re looking forward to helping your business out-perform the competition. So, start a conversation with us regarding strategic cloud computing, mobile applications, and social communications technologies for SAP Business One ERP today!  Contact Cornerstone Consulting at 813-321-1300.

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