Social Marketing Growing Faster Than Ever Before

Now Is The Time For Your Business To Adopt An Aggressive Social Marketing Strategy

There seems to be a consensus among Madison Avenue types that the 2012 “Social Marketing“ data may well exceed the outstanding data for the prior year. 2011 was a year in which Business to Business (B2B) social marketing grew faster than any preceding year. The business community adapted to this new marketing outlet far more quickly than some “grey hairs” expected, especially in the B2B category. Social Marketing has certainly gained momentum and that acceleration may continue well into the future.

It appears that many marketing gurus have concluded that this is not the time to focus exclusively on the social media marketing methods that have previously worked so well. Rather, they seem to have agreed that they must acknowledge Social Marketing’s status as a significant force in the marketing/advertising arena. There also seems that a majority of marketing heavyweights agree that a well designed website is a necessary prerequisite to (a) enhancement of brand identity, (b) attachment to your site’s visitors and (c) conversion of site visitors to customers/clients. Remember this old marketing phrase? “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”  Well, the modern version of that wheeze is, “If the site isn’t attractive, useful and sticky, you are out of the game.”

Most of the above mentioned gurus argue that it is imperative for many marketers to adopt a modern, aggressive social marketing campaign as an integral part of the enterprise’s over-all marketing effort.  Further, there now seems to be a consensus view that such campaigns will create connections, or “engagements” between marketers and customers/clients.  Recent research reveals that many social media marketers focus on “increases in fans or followers” as the best indicator of return on the marketing dollar.  To some extent, those folks become unpaid marketers for your products/services.

If you are new to Social Media Marketing, you would be well advised to (a) rely on expert advice and (b) conduct your own research regarding the best use of your marketing dollars in that arena. As mentioned above, once you have established a presence and followers who think you provide good products and/or services at reasonable prices, you should achieve a boost in net income.

An often overlooked benefit of social media to online retailers is that it offers an opportunity to gain information by asking questions of e-customers, such as, how they discovered your site, did they find the site easy to navigate, would they recommend it to others and do they have any suggestions about improving the site.  Sometimes, perhaps, it might make sense to offer an occasional Gift Certificate or other award to the person who submits the most useful suggestion.


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