Tips For Driving More Traffic To Your Online Retail Ecommerce Website

Have More Online Viewers Shop At Your Retail Ecommerce Webstore

When many in marketing discuss ecommerce, some older executives who have lived through retail wars will agree that the slightest edge can lead to a significant advantage over the competition, if it is handled correctly.  That proposition remains true in the wild and wooly environment of ecommerce.  Subtleties and nuances can lead to an edge and an edge can morph into a major advantage.  Google tools such as AdWords and Merchant Center may not be subtle or nuanced, but the results of using those tools to “˜tweak” your marketing tactics can be very noticeable.

There are advertisers that report a noticeable boost in their “click through rate” after adopting Google’s Product Extension service for their ecommerce website.  The conventional wisdom in the “search marketing” world is that just the smallest of nuances can result in better search marketing results.  Employing “eye pleasing” graphics and visual cues tends to suggest to the site visitor that the site owner conducts business in a professional manner.  An old marketing maxim comes to mind: “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”  Accordingly, employing appropriate, “attention grabbing” design and graphics on your home page should enhance the impact it has on those who view it.  In turn, that can lead the site visitor to conclude that the site owner is a “quality” retailer.

Experts tend to agree that there are some relatively inexpensive methods that should generate visits to your website: (1) Advertise on or contribute content to busy websites that customers and potential customers might visit regularly. (2) Place ads in one or more Directories that members of your customer base would be likely to visit.  Make sure those Directories are busy and reputable.

Who knows your business better than you do?  So, don’t be shy about broadcasting your marketing message all throughout your ecommerce website.  Further, increase your ecommerce business knowledge base regularly by asking your clients/customers to (a) feel free to give you comments about your products and (b) to recommend them to third parties.  Gray hairs in the wild and wooly world of marketing will agree with these time-tested rules: (1) free advertising is the best advertising and (2) you can’t beat good word of mouth.

Consider using a military strategy for your ecommerce webstore. Gather intelligence from your customers/clients about the strategies and techniques used by the competition and other, somewhat similar, ventures in your market area as well as other markets.  Then (1) analyze those strategies and techniques, (2) determine which of them, if any, might be useful to you and (3) decide how to combat the competition’s use of those strategies and techniques.

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