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Achieving e-Commerce Success

Would you agree that in the competitive world of e-commerce the purpose of your venture’s website is to open your business to the public and market your products or services?  There is a very old line that established marketers on Madison Avenue still use, namely, “You will go broke trying to sell to the wrong market.”  In recent years, somewhat similar lines have evolved regarding e-commerce, such as (1) “Make it sticky” and (2) “Make it easy for the prospect/customer to buy.”  Many, if not most, pundits agree that an  e-commerce website’s primary purpose is the sale of products and/or services.

Thus, the online component of the business venture has two requirements. Firstly, the key concept in developing an ecommerce solution is generation and maintenance of the business venture. The cyber sales world now recognizes that the core value of an online platform is planning a business strategy that works on its own.

There has to be a sound business model and business plan in place initially for an e-commerce application to work successfully. Those with a modicum of business acumen and common sense would only undertake an online sales platform if they were confident that their venture has a solid business base that can be grown through a cyber sales solution.

At this point you might wonder, precisely, what makes an e-commerce website successful.  Next, you might wonder what are the technical issues that must be addressed in the creation and maintenance a first rate cyber sales platform. Well, the first item in your Project Plan should be retaining with your input and cooperation, a knowledgeable, experienced web design team will integrate the requisite hardware and software to produce a website is not only clearly visible to web surfers but also designs with SEO in mind so that your online presence is immediately boosted to promote good rankings in Google within a defined time frame. They will also ensure that content is informative, concise and interesting enough to sustain site visitor attention and sales conversions.

Viewed from a Sales perspective, it is very important to include important product information and easily understood price information. The absence of such elementary data is a disservice to new site visitors prospects and established customers.  From a technical perspective there are certain elements that must be integrated in the design and development in order to ensure your ecommerce website sells. If you have researched your target market and you are now sufficiently familiar with it, you can discuss it those findings with your website design team so they can provide you with a website design appropriate for your market.

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