Effective E-commerce Website Design Part Two

Great Design Can Instill Confidence In Your Sales Processes And Products

It should be evident to owners of most commercial websites that appeal to relatively broad potential customer bases that the “KISS” (Keep it Simple, Stupid”) Principle should be employed.  Experienced retail/commercial e-commerce website designers are far more likely to emphasize ease of navigation than are website designers who are experienced retail/commercial website design.

It is readily acknowledged that websites which are not easy to navigate frustrate the “average”, non-techie, site visitor.  Have you asked non-techie friends and relatives for comments regarding ease of navigation at your site? Even if you have received no complaints, you might consider asking Cornerstone Consulting to conduct a review of your site.  Cornerstone’s website designers are experienced, fastidious, up to date and creative.  In addition, if appropriate, they would be pleased to provide advice regarding your e-commerce facility.

Of course, it is also essential that you have a payment process that is secure and transparent and that operates seamlessly with your shopping cart in order to ensure that a customer’s purchase of multiple products becomes an effortless exercise. Certainly, in order to provide this integrated/seamless shopping experience, your website needs to be secure. It is the responsibility of the e-commerce site programmers to provide that much needed online security. Experienced web designers and coders will guide you through the maze of technology that makes your e-commerce application a selling machine. Some are better than others at integrating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features that can make a big difference to your on-line performance, so that it pays to commission the best. The best qualified can render advice concerning good quality, informative product/category descriptions that will enhance on-site SEO.

Another element worth integrating into your e-commerce website is Product Video, which (a) makes the user experience more interactive and (b) features a sales director as the human face of the virtual platform can have a positive impact on potential customers who can sometimes feel estranged from the cyber sales environment.

Off-site SEO requires the assistance of tried and tested experts in the field. If you choose to neglect this aspect of your marketing strategy, it will be at your peril. It is a combination of on-site and off-site SEO that will drive your Google rankings towards top placings on page one of Google. That is ideally where you want to be to achieve maximum footfall and sales conversions. In this era of social media you definitely need (a) amazing social contacts that communicate meaningfully with your customers and (b) as an essential element of your e-commerce website, a professional customer services facility that (i) offers reassurance to all your customers and (ii) instills confidence in your sales processes and products.

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