SAP Decision Service Management

There can be no doubt that as each year goes by it is imperative that business entities must adopt policies and procedures which will enable them to cope with change. It seems that every year change occurs more quickly in business trends and techniques as does change in laws, rules and regulations.  SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) recently introduced SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management which is intended to help business entities refine policies and procedures so as to comply with such rules and regulations in a timely manner.

The core concept is to make it easier for business entities to centralize the “The”¦ decision logic that determines the process behavior in enterprise applications into a central location”¦” so as “¦to make it easier for businesses to “”¦revise and, as necessary, rapidly implement the new or revised system.”  The near term goal is to complete the NetWeaver Decision Service Management transition as quickly and easily as possible. The software aims to allow organizations to move decision logic that determines the process behavior in enterprise applications into a central location. From there, SAP intends to enable business owners and IT experts to easily and instantaneously set up and change decision logic. SAP’s over-all goal is to deliver a cost-effective, relatively easy to use, alternative to “”¦extensive application customizing, custom coding and application embedded business rules.”

In the past, changes to decision logic in enterprise applications were implemented solely by IT experts.  Unlike older applications, SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management is intended to allow domain experts to address logic changes without involving any IT staff members. There seem to be two objectives, (1) accelerate the pace of improvements in electronic/computerized business activities and (2) increase the productivity of technicians as well as other staff members in the enterprise. Additionally, SAP plans to enable users to continuously optimize the decision services and make them available without requiring costly downtime of the connected enterprise applications. To avoid time-consuming, error-prone duplication, it is planned that decision services being used by multiple connected enterprise applications will only need to be created once.

To assist enterprises in selection of potentially attractive acquisition or joint venture candidates, SAP has joined forces with experts like Decision Management Solutions (“DMS”).  The CEO of DMS recently stated: “Taking control of operational decisions is increasingly a source of competitive advantage”¦By combining decision management technologies like SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management and a decision-centric approach, we provide tremendous value to organizations by allowing them to take their existing systems to the next level and build the agile and adaptive systems they need to succeed.”

Source: SAP News

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