What You Need To Know About Google’s Changes

Google’s Changes To Its Ranking Algorithm

In 2011, Google made significant changes to its ranking algorithm. Recently, Google made additional changes to its ranking algorithm. Together, they have “”¦ paved the way for a new emphasis on “˜original’ content.”  It seems that, every year, E-marketing gurus state that “content” rules in the realm of Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”). Savvy e-marketers constantly attempt to stay abreast or, better yet, ahead of the latest SEO trends. Perhaps one or more of the tips below can aid you and help you improve your marketing results during the rest of 2012 and another few years.

1. Website Content Will Still Reign as King in 2012                                                                        

In 2011, there were major changes made to Google’s algorithm that has paved the way for a new emphasis on “˜original’ content.  Regardless of the year, content will always reign as king in the SEO world. In 2012, you should have a balance of human friendly content and search engine friendly content. After all, your potential customers (or contacts) will be the one’s purchasing your products or services. Gone are the days when website owners used to squeak by with poorly written content from basement content writers. If you want to get noticed in the search engines, having quality content will be the key to your online success in 2012.

2. Web Content Should be Scannable for Mobile Users                                        

Remember, a percentage of your web users will be searching the Web from their iPad and mobile device. If you post content that takes too long to get to the point, people will get bored and move on to your competitor’s website. Make sure you include a clear Call to Action on each page of your website. Consider hiring a good SEO copywriter to create fresh content for your website, blog and social media sites. You’ll be one step ahead of the game with a professional SEO copywriter. SEO copywriters are specialists who are trained to write marketable content that helps in converting readers into paying customers.

3. Is Your Current SEO Consultant Wasting your Time and Money?                                                         

If the answer is “˜yes’ or “˜not sure’, that’s a sign it may be the perfect time to ditch your SEO consultant.  In 2012, savvy entrepreneurs and business owners are nickel and diming every aspect of their business. People are investing their money more wisely than ever before. Business owners are less likely to choose a SEO consultant solely based on price. If you are in the market for a new SEO consultant, make sure this person can fully describe how their actions will drive more online traffic to your website.
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