SAP Services On IBM’s SmartCloud

IBM SmartCloud for SAP Applications

IBM recently introduced “IBM SmartCloud Application Services”, described as “a new platform-as-a-service” which will provide users with cost and time savings attributable to a cloud environment that will impact a broad variety of enterprise applications.  Simultaneously, it will provide a “high a high level of control and security over deployment and access”.  Included among those “application services” is “IBM SmartCloud for SAP Applications“ which will automate the most common labor intensive tasks associated with managing SAP environments.  (1)

Here are a number of improvements and/or upgrades SAP will introduce in the near future to customers by means of IBM’s SmartCloud Application Services: “”¦automated provisioning of SAP environments; significant reduction of the cost and labor expense involved in SAP cloning, refreshes and patching. SAP services on the IBM SmartCloud provide production service levels and optional 24/7 DBA and SAP Basis support.”               

IBM Smart Business Cloud ““ Enterprise is an enterprise-class public cloud environment that offers a security rich, self-service compute infrastructure with competitive pay-as-you-go pricing. SAP clients can extend their existing IT environments by deploying their SAP software for non-production use on the IBM Cloud to quickly realize cost savings and faster time to value, for development and test and other parts of their SAP workloads. (2)

As SAP users, you should understand the implications of new technology for SAP on cloud and the implications of SAP on cloud.  In the article linked below as (2) SAP focuses on “”¦some of the implications and their impacts to SAP’s current applications and briefly speculate on the future.”
SAP projects that there will be an abundance of impacts created by cloud computing, but focuses in the article “”¦on a few that will have real near-term effect and can be implemented with today’s cloud and today’s SAP applications. The most obvious is a savings on infrastructure spend. Less obvious but more significant is the correlated reduction in labor costs. The next implication will be an increase in the speed at which we can deploy SAP applications to end-users.  Cloud can potentially improve the quality of our SAP implementations as well. These shifts in speed and quality may significantly change our implementations, roll-outs, and upgrades. Cloud will provide stronger and resilient infrastructure support for the current SAP applications. Cloud will also be responsive to the computing demands of SAP. Finally, cloud will help SAP garner higher satisfaction from the IT and business user community. It will help tame the reputation of SAP systems with both IT and business users.” (2)


(2) IBM SmartCloud


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