Tips for Improving Your Business Marketing

Successful Marketing Strategies

For almost a decade, the author of the treatise summarized below worked with many disparate SAP Business One partners, and some clients, around the world on their respective marketing strategies. Most of the information presented below was derived from those experiences.

He suggests that the first step building a successful marketing strategy is to analyze the members of your enterprise’s customer base. That means specifying precisely what (1) each customer expects, (2) motivates its principals or executives to buy, (3) constitute the particular matters, internal and external, confronting their organizations and, quite importantly, (4) how your company can help them achieve their goals.

He also suggests that business owners and/or executives should create profiles of their prospects and customers/clients in order to help their employees understand that they are marketing to flesh and blood as contrasted against prospects or customers/clients.

An example he cites is “”¦a great template for building those personas put together by the guys at internet marketing company”¦ that really “˜gets’ the concept of content marketing”¦” because it is a very useful tool in simplifying creating the picture of your ideal customer.  He also maintains that when the ideal customer’s picture is a work of art, the next step should be using that image and referencing it whenever you create a marketing vehicle directed at prospects and/or existing customers”¦”“ like your web site for example”.

He argues that many web sites are built as “giant advertising billboards”, but notes that there are methods you can employ to avoid having Internet users fly past your “billboard”.  Accordingly, he suggests that site owners should alter their perceptions regarding the web design process so as to assure that everything on your web site, from content to creative, is designed to help your ideal customer solve his/her business challenges, while concluding that (a) your enterprise is the best one for his/her purposes and (b) your staff members are well qualified to assist the site visitor find useful information regarding the issue that prompted his/her Internet research project.

Further, he advises, you would be wise to absorb the information available at Google Analytics studiously in order to (a) absorb relevant information regarding search terms that will drive visitors to your site and (b) decide the types of information your current clients/customers sought during their site visits.  After absorbing that information, you can “tweak” or redesign your web site so as to place that information and new information and graphics, if necessary, in a manner that leads site visitors to the data they want in the fewest clicks.

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