Happy Thanksgiving 2012

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Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

If you’d like to bring a little technology to the table this year, check out these articles:

6 Tech Fixes For Your Thanksgiving

“Starting with Thanksgiving, the holiday season is set to arrive, often with big helpings of stress “” especially if you’re still scrambling to get ready for Thursday. But there’s no reason to face those Thanksgiving tasks alone: You’ve got technology on your side.

From apps to gadgets, tech can make the holidays easier. These six essential tools will help you get through the season, from planning before the meal to burning off calories afterwards.”

Source: Mashable / Read Full Article


5 Thanksgiving Apps That Do The Work For You… Almost

“As the big day quickly approaches, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Don’t fret.  These five apps include everything you need “” from recipes to menus to grocery lists “” for you to whip up a Thanksgiving meal like a pro. All are available for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.”

Source: ABC News / Read Full Article


Technology Playing a Bigger Role In Thanksgiving Dinner

“Move over thickly bound cookbooks. Make way for digital directions on cooking that special Thanksgiving meal. More and more people are pulling out their phones and iPads for kitchen tips.”

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Thanksgiving: Why I’m Thankful To Tech

Tech writer Jason Perlow writes: “On this most American of holidays, I give thanks to the industry that empowers and inspires all of us to be connected, to acquire knowledge, to think and to achieve greatness.”

Source: ZDNet / Read Full Article


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