Mid-sized Manufacturing and/or Distribution Enterprises Benefit From Harnessing the Power of SAP Business One Analytics Powered by HANA

SAP recently introduced SAP Business One Analytics powered by SAP HANA.  HANA, which stands for high performance analytical appliance, takes advantage of (1) a powerful, new “in-memory” development and (2) a very recent achievement attributable to the same development team that built SAP HANA.

SAP HANA contributes mightily to any solution that is derived from the exciting innovation of in-memory computing by which Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data is compressed and held in main computer memory or RAM which results in truly remarkable improvements in speed and quantity of data processed. That achievement not only facilitates generation of reports in astoundingly short time but it also delivers extensive reports in record time.  Further, HANA allows small and midsize businesses to re-engineer some of their most complex business processes and build new business processes that give them a competitive edge in the market.

Here are some examples of how SAP Business One customers use this new technology to their advantage.

One international Communications and Information Technology (IT) company with 500 employees and 286 SAP Business One users provided SAP with this “feedback”: “The enterprise search is fantastic! Users can now find any relevant data or transactional information based on a Google search very quickly. The Crystal reports reading from HANA run much faster. Reports that took minutes to run, now take seconds!  The interactive analysis gives the users access to relevant information directly in Excel pivots in which they are already comfortable. This gives them the needed confidence to generate their own reporting content making them less dependent on consultants or power users. The real-time ‘live’ replication ensures all reports have up-to-the-second information and therefore allowing accurate decisions to be made.”

The IT Director of an Australian distributor of computer peripherals remarked that “With SAP Business One Analytics, powered by HANA, we are a more proactive organization and a company that is easier to do business with and have a better understanding of who our customers are and how they do business with us”. The key benefits that the company derived include: (1) Various Crystal reports have been migrated, reducing analysis time from 15 minutes down to under 1 minute; (2) Allows users to leverage their existing Excel skills; and (3) Business data integrated into SAP Business One at “in-memory speed” can be easily modified and customized.

Mid-sized Manufacturing and/or Distribution Enterprises Rely on Cornerstone for Better Analytics and SAP Business One

With in-memory computing and analytics for SAP Business One ERP, you can re-imagine your business. Cornerstone partners with manufacturers and distributors to transform business processes by streamlining applications, analytics, planning, predictive analysis, and sentiment analysis, as well as provide our clients with a single platform so the entire organization can operate in real-time.  Since 1983 Cornerstone Consulting has been providing state-of-the-art business software systems, as well as related technical support, to small and midsized manufacturing and wholesale distribution enterprises. With SAP’s ERP system and HANA analytics, you can supercharge the performance of your entire enterprise.

Cornerstone Consulting’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:
“¢ SAP Business One ERP
“¢ E-commerce Application
“¢ Mobile Apps
“¢ Analytics
“¢ Internet
“¢ Databases
“¢ Cloud Computing
“¢ Software as a Service (SaaS)
“¢ Web Design and Development
“¢ Custom Programming

If you’re looking for a high-performance business consulting and IT firm specializing in world-class ERP and analytics, you’ve found the right company. We can show you how your small or medium enterprise (SME) can not only run better but also out-maneuver, and out-perform your competitors.  Call us today at 813-321-1300!

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