SAP is The Official Sponsor of The NFL

SAP is The Official Sponsor of The National Football League

SAP and the National Football League recently entered multi-year marketing sponsorship by the terms of which SAP has become the “Official Cloud Software Solutions, Business Software and Business Analytics Software Sponsor of the NFL.” According to SAP, that sponsorship “”¦will allow SAP to redefine the fan experience with innovative technology for the most passionate fan base in all of sports.”

The NFL will take advantage of cloud solutions provided by SAP that will enhance the NFL’s continued improvements to its Fantasy Football platform found at Through the implementation of on-demand SAP solutions, SAP and the NFL will enhance the experience of playing Fantasy Football experience, by offering more sophisticated strategy options.

“We are excited to team with SAP as we continue working to improve the fan experience,” said Brian Rolapp, COO of NFL Media. “SAP will help us develop new and innovative ways for our fans to connect with NFL football using statistics and analysis.”

“The National Football League sets a standard in consistently delivering game-day excitement for its fans,” said Jonathan Becher, chief marketing officer, SAP. “SAP is proud to join the NFL in re-imagining the fan experience through innovation. Together, we will connect fans in new ways and allow them to experience the NFL like never before.” 

The message that SAP intends to convey, as a sponsor of the NFL is that: “SAP is great for companies. Not just great big companies.”  It has expanded its marketing venues to include network television in its on-going effort to woo midsized businesses, by running a national campaign during the NFL season aimed at dispelling the notion that its first-class software is just for big league companies.  SAP understands that there is an unfounded impression in the marketplace that, “SAP is too big, SAP is too expensive, SAP is too complex…”

After numerous brain-storming sessions and marketing meetings, a decision was reached that the NFL connection might well overcome that mistaken impression of SAP.  So, in between the more familiar beer and pickup truck ads in NFL games, the SAP exposure is intended to be quite effective.

“A software company pops up, and you say, ‘Huh!’ That’s the premise behind behavioral targeting. You see ads in places that are unexpected yet may be relevant to you,” said Kim, who covers advertising for Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Mass.

SAP hopes so. The intent of the ads is to demonstrate “an understanding and sympathy for these midsize enterprise leaders and where they are coming from,” Tedesco said. “We’re hoping that if we can show a realistic portrayal, it will spark some kind of recognition and that we will also demonstrate that SAP is a company that understands them.”


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