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The Buzz Volume Metric and Your Social Intelligence

Not so long ago, “Buzz“ occurred in various milieus and was sensed more as an intuition or an awareness as opposed to a rational concept.  Well, the times they are a-changin’.
Believe it or not, “Buzz volume” is now a “metric” which can be assessed by state of the art tools that are already enhancing the efficacy of the methods by which business entities amass and analyze information regarding customers and competitors. “Consumer sentiment” is another metric by which business entities can gather data which will allow management to assess how customers “feel” about the products or services offered, customer relations and/or prices.

Social media’s availability and the propensity of users to comment about so many topics online combine to open virtually limitless opportunities for social-media-aware companies to exploit the potential of what insiders now call “social intelligence.” But don’t expect to achieve the best results from  those sources of information by relying on your old data gathering and analysis processes. They now require new kinds of expertise and a new attitude about data. They also require your enterprise to involve customers/clients and third party experts in so-called social/media discussions.  Merely listening quietly and gathering information isn’t enough anymore.
In the not so distant past, gathering business intelligence meant meticulously extracting data information from a wide variety of sources. It was not unusual for analysts to spend a preponderance of their time merely assembling and prioritizing the requisite data. Then, the real analysis began. 80% of their time was spent on gathering information before they even began trying to make sense of it. The process often (a) was annoyingly time consuming, (b) generated lengthy internal reports and (c) provided upper management with less than timely data. More often than not, that was an annoyingly slow process which resulted in data that was not sufficiently timely to satisfy top level management. As Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were in the ascendancy, the combination of (a) less than timely data, (b) primitive (by today’s standards) tools and (c) upper management’s low social-media literacy hampered companies from extracting valuable insights.
Scores of companies, B2C (business to customers) as well as B2B (business to business), acknowledge the potential benefits of monitoring conversation flows from social networks.  Give some thought to modifying the means by which you gather your  social intelligence so as to take full advantage of the new generation of tools and tactics that are available. Currently available are very powerful, sophisticated tools and research techniques, including mapping networks among other features that can aid in analyzing various social media strategies as a powerful complement to what is now known as “static” data and traditional intelligence methods.

Source: Harvard

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