SAP’s Top 10 Cloud Computing Predictions

Quite recently, SAP released an article entitled “Top 10 Cloud Computing Trends For 2013“.  It would seem that there is a growing consensus among Tech pundits and MBA types that business entities and other organizations must acknowledge that now is the time to put in place a well conceived Cloud strategy.

One predicted trend is that there will be a noticeable movement toward employees working from home while using their own devices. SAP theorizes that this trend should be accompanied by flexibility from managers, human resources and executives, so as to provide more tools/policies that will support efficiencies for those who work from home. This will entail having 24/7 access to business functionality and analytics via a wide range of mobile devices. That demand will doubtless lead to rapidly expanding interaction among mobile, in-memory and Cloud capabilities that will allow users to accomplish many more results things that they could before.

Another predicted trend is that Cloud computing security will continue to be a front burner issue no matter whether you use a public, private, or hybrid Cloud.  So, SAP suggests that “”¦organizations looking for applications and servers located in highly secure data centers that feature an array of physical and network safeguards. Businesses get the pay-as-you-go model, while the service provider keeps the environment stable and safe.”

In addition, SAP suggests that easy-to-use, beautifully designed cloud applications “”¦will be crucial in 2013 as businesses look to drive employee engagement and collaboration.” SAP notes that today’s site visitors expect “”¦simplicity, speed, and a beautiful user experience through visual design”¦This will deliver value to the enterprise as people use applications more frequently and the quality of processes and data increases.”

So, it is easy to conclude that business entities will seek a Cloud technique approach which enables them to design so-called “hybrid solution landscapes” that are most suitable for purposes. Accordingly, Cloud vendors will stress openness and choice for customers, so as to allow them to introduce Cloud computing incrementally. That approach should tend to (a) protect and optimize the use of existing hardware and software, (b) support change with as little disruption as possible and (c) insure that the intended results are achieved.

SAP also suggests that in 2013, the line between private and public Cloud will blur when employees seek answers that meet their personal and business needs. Many vendors are now embracing this movement by supporting multiple devices on multiple platforms. The conventional wisdom is that Cloud environments for companies will be hybrid with integration and openness playing a significant role so as to deal with what Cloud computing brings to the feast.

Source:  SAP

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