SAP Showcases HANA Database for “In-memory Analytics, Budgeting and Big-data Forecasting

SAP recently participated in the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 102nd Annual Convention & EXPO in New York City. SAP’s Booth, “Retail Without Boundaries”, highlighted the company’s well recognized reputation for constant emphasis on simplifying and modernizing typical business operations via thorough, advanced but user friendly  processes.

During the numerous sessions conducted at SAP’s “Retail Theater”, an array of SAP customers discussed how SAP solutions allowed them to improve over all efficiency, including marketing, sales and customer relations.  In addition, many of the SAP customers noted that SAP products provide solutions which significantly enhance (a) business efficiency, (b) merchandising and marketing capabilities as well as (c) enhanced interaction with customers/clients.

For example, SAP customer Société de transport de Montréal (STM) announced a unique consumer mobile solution for transit riders that conveys (a) pertinent information and (b) offers from over 240 retailers and business partners in and around Montreal.  STM is a public transport agency that operates transit bus, and rapid transit services in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was created in 1861 and   has increased its scope to four metro lines with a total of 68 stations, as well as over 186 bus routes and 23 night routes.  STM operates the fourth most heavily used urban mass transit system in North America, after the New York City Transit Authority, Toronto Transit Commission and the Mexico City Metro.  As of 2011, the average daily ridership is 2,524,500 passengers: 1,403,700 by bus, 1,111,700 by rapid transit and 9,200 by paratransit service.

Further, representatives of Crocs described how the company substantially transformed its brand and significantly enhanced its rate of growth due to adopting integrated SAP software, including analytics, supply chain and database, specifically designed for apparel and footwear companies.

At the Convention SAP showcased leading retail solutions, such as SAP mobile apps, that deliver offers to mobile devices of consumers that foster customer loyalty and provide store associates and managers with instant access to sales data.  Further, SAP’s POS Data Management application lets retailers upload and analyze point-of-sale (POS) data very quickly and accurately. It is no surprise that retailers recognize that utilizing the formidable power of SAP’s HANA database for “in-memory analytics”, will permit them to learn important, readily accessible data concerning prospect behavior and customer buying patterns.  With that information in hand, retailers are far more likely to make shrewder, wiser decisions related to customer buying patterns and behavior.

SAP’s Precision Retailing solution empowers companies to influence consumer behavior at the moment of decision. The solution delivers personalized offers and suggestions in real time to consumers across multiple channels, including mobile devices, in-store kiosks and websites.

The SAP Retail Merchandise Planning application drives improved merchandise planning processes using real-time demand-driven forecasting, common data and key performance metrics. The application produces detailed sales projections to define corporate budgets three to five years in advance, allowing retailers to better guard against overstock and shortage scenarios. In addition, SAP HANA permits simulation of budgeting and big-data forecasting scenarios in “real time”.

The SAP Retail Promotions application helps retailers plan promotions, forecast performance and create a closed-loop promotions process by integrating with execution systems. The application allows organizations to personalize offers for customers through multiple sales channels, improve service levels and work effectively with supply chain partners. High-volume personalized offers and demand forecasting scenarios are supported using SAP HANA.

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