Usually, Information Technology vendors typically stress cost benefits as an inducement to employ new programs or systems, but that certainly is not the only attribute that drives the sale.  Many prospects consider potential increases in gross and net revenues to be very important, if not dispositive, factors in the decision making process.

Recently, Cloud computing and Cloud storage have become synonymous associated with cost savings and improvements in a business entity’s bottom line. Further, there is growing awareness that the Cloud can enable businesses boost top line revenues.

Although it might surprise some skeptics, many successful, larger business organizations have the ability to revise certain business practices quickly so as to accommodate customer demand.  Relatively often this requires a relatively large IT infrastructure. Suppose a little-known company is praised in a very laudatory Fortune Magazine article that generates great traffic to that entity’s website.  Dealing with that phenomenon demands additional IT infrastructure which, in turn, requires capital and maintenance adaptations that may not be immediately available to companies still in the early growth phase. Contrasted with creative financing solutions that only ease the capital expense, Cloud computing could eliminate much of the capital, setup and maintenance burdens, so as to provide on-demand IT infrastructure to help your business grow.

You might be well advised to focus your next hires on growing your business: A 2012 ESG (a) survey showed that up to 72% of IT dollars go to maintaining existing infrastructure. With storage capacities growing at a rapid pace, why continue to add headcount to maintain infrastructure at the same pace? Instead, use cloud storage to minimize IT maintenance, focus existing IT personnel on delivering business-driven initiatives (such as new premium services ““ see below) and hire strategic talent in marketing and sales to directly increase revenues.

Also consider creating new, premium services for your customers/clients: Deploying a new service for your clients may involve a development, test and production effort, requiring a significant financial commitment toward infrastructure during the planning stage.  It might be wise to consider starting small and, as results dictate, add necessary infrastructure. Employing Cloud potential, you can introduce new services with a new level of creativity and efficacy.


Your Information Technology, Enterprise Resource Planning and Cloud Computing Company

Why do so many small and midsized companies rely on Cornerstone’s expertise for business process automation and integration,  enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems as well as technical support? Simply stated, we know how to help businesses grow. We’re definitely Not the “new kids on the information technology (IT) block”. Cornerstone’s brilliant team of consultants, CPAs, marketing specialists,  (U.S.-based and English speaking) programmers and web developers have been providing high-performance business software, as well as unparalleled technical support, to small and midsized manufacturing and wholesale distribution enterprises for more than thirty years.

Cornerstone Consulting’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • SAP Business One
  • E-commerce / M-commerce
  • Mobile
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Internet
  • Databases
  • Cloud Computing
  • Custom Programming
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Website Design , Development and Hosting

If you’re looking for an oustanding software consulting, web development, and comprehensive IT firm specializing in business automation, you’ve found the right company. You can rely on Cornerstone to provide superior software products, related services and technical support for all areas of your small or medium sized business, such as: financial accounting, operations, customer relationship management , sales, inventory control and tracking, warehouse management, e-commerce, and more. Cornerstone’s “dream team” of programmers, trainers and consultants specialize in providing our Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, and Online Retail clients with optimal business process configuration, integration and automation.

Feel free to contact Cornerstone Consulting at 813-321-1300 for information about ERP and cloud solutions.

No time to call us now?  No worries ““ we know you’re busy. If you’d like, you can complete the brief form within the Contact Cornerstone page, and let us know a good time to contact you in the near future. We’ll touch base with you when it’s convenient for your schedule.  We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

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