SAP HANA Portal Solution for Mobile Devices

SAP recently announced that SAP HANA Cloud Portal, formerly called the SAP NetWeaver Cloud portal, was evaluated by Gartner Inc., one of world’s leading information technology research and advisory companies.

A spokesperson for SAP  noted that from the very beginning, the Cloud and SAP HANA platform-based portal solution was (a) built specifically for use on mobile devices and (b) allows developers to quickly build significant, highly scalable applications that leverage embedded analytics and the massive speed and scale of SAP HANA.

The Gartner report, “SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal Is a Front End for SAP Innovation,” examines the ways in which portal strategy leaders are able to leverage the on-demand portal so as to help ensure a unified strategy and address the demands generated from cloud, mobile and information trends.

SAP’s head of Marketing, Database & Technology Innovation recently said,  “We believe this report underscores our dedication to providing multifaceted solutions to customers that are facing new challenges”¦With our platform-as-a-service offering, we can now quickly add new capabilities and features, to help companies drive innovation and engage with employees, partners and customers, introducing support as demand arises with the secure, scalable robust SAP HANA Cloud Portal.”

According to the Gartner Report, “SAP HANA Cloud Portal is a cloud-based solution for easy site creation and consumption with a superior user experience.  It is designed for mobile consumption using HTML5 with gesture support and dynamic adaptation to a range of devices so as to permit customers to connect applications, reports and unstructured content from various SAP and non-SAP sources”¦Three key value propositions include: Innovation: (1) For line of business (LOB), SAP HANA Cloud Portal enables business users to quickly create attractive external or internal sites, built with social capabilities, unstructured content and SAP applications, with minimal IT involvement.  (2) For IT, SAP HANA Cloud Portal helps customers meet LOB ad-hoc site-creation needs with minimal setup, security and total cost of ownership (TCO) concerns, while leveraging the existing investment in the SAP NetWeaver Portal component.  (3) Enrichment: For the value chain, SAP HANA Cloud Portal enables users to collaborate around business processes in a secure, scalable and transparent manner.”

Among a number of impressive attributes of SAP HANA Cloud Portal, the Gartner Report noted that (1) in the Cost Leadership and Value category, “SAP HANA Cloud Portal helps customers meet LOB ad-hoc site-creation concerns, while leveraging the existing investment in the SAP NetWeaver Portal component” and (2) in the Enrichment category: “For the value chain, SAP HANA Cloud Portal enables users to collaborate around business processes in a secure, scalable and transparent manner.”



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